Administrative enrollment procedure at Sorbonne Université

The general procedure is described on the website of the IFD, but the principal modes are detailed here.


Enrollment in the first year site IFD

Once the principle of your enrollment at the EDPIF is accepted, i.e., that:

you must start the administrative phase of registration.

The steps of this first enrollment are detailed on the First Enrollment page.


Re-enrollment in the 2nd and 3rd yearssite IFD

Re-enrollment in the 2nd and 3rd years is strictly required and must occur before the end of October.

Re-enrollment can be made without going through the ED; of course, this does not exempt you from following in parallel with procedures for thesis monitoring.

Oppositely, the 3rd registration requires an explicit authorization by he Doctoral School. And this authorization depends on  the recommendations of the Monitoring committee, according to  Arrêté du 25 mai 2016 (article 11).


It is recommended to perform the registration by regular mail sent to the B.A.D.

This registration is subject to payment of fees, which can be payed online.


Re-enrollment in the 4th year site IFD


The duration of the thesis is 3 years and as the academic year ends usually on September 30, it is sometimes necessary to obtain permission to re-enroll in the 4th year, typically because the thesis writing or defense are delayed.


Since 2017, Sorbonne Université  as adopted a simplification of the administrative procedures at the end of the thesis.


Consequently, the doctoral year is extended until 31/12/2019. PhD candidates who will defend their thesis before this date do not need to request an exemption for additional registration. PhD candidates must be funded until the end of their PhD work, that is to say, to their defense, and they should contact the Doctoral School.


Administrative procedure for PhD students who will not defend by 31 December 2019:


In this case, and regardless of the length of the extension required, the student must complete an application for an exemption through the site of the IFD.


This online procedure results in a PDF that must be completed and mailed to the Doctoral School  with all the requested supporting documents (contract or certificate from the employer, thesis plan, schedule and monitoring committee advice). Then, an appointment must be made with the Deputy-Director of the Doctoral school at Sorbonne Université.


The acceptance of this extension request by the director of the IFD is strictly conditional upon the monitoring committee advice and upon the implementation of a new employment contract to extend the PhD candidate's salary  for the remainder of the study until defense.