Transverse (professional) training should enable you to develop skills that will be useful regardless of the continued career.

These skills may concern :

 This list is not exhaustive, and you should first check whether any given program is eligible by contacting the representative for your enrolling institution on the Executive Board of the ED.


EDPIF "Career pursuit" training

 The doctoral school PIF organizes each year in November or December a half-day training session for third year doctoral students, and possibly their supervisors.
After a general presentation of the professions and careers of scientific doctors, with a focus on physics, a round table brings together doctors (most of them from ED PIF or the EDs that preceded it) with diverse careers in academia, business (start-ups, SMEs, large groups) or research administration.
The session ends with informal discussions over a drink.

-- Participation in this training is strictly mandatory for 3rd year doctoral students --


Training offered by the doctoral colleges of the partner institutions

Many more specialised training courses are delivered by the specific training structures set up at the level of doctoral colleagues in the institutions. The list of training proposals is as follows:utional level:

All the transverse training courses organised by the partner institutions can be attended by any PhD student registered in EDPIF.