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The director of the Doctoral School is RnIlQzMlQTlkJUMzJUE5cmljJTIwQ2hldnk= , professor at ENS.

He is supported by three deputy directors, each representing one of the partner institutions:


Beyond the general operation of the EDPIF, each board member is also in charge of the relations between the ED and the respective institutions and for monitoring of thesis students enrolled at the institution. The Director and Assistant Directors implement the policy of the ED in terms of recruitment, training, monitoring, and professional integration of PhDs.
To establish this policy, they rely on the Council of the ED.

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Each member of the board is assisted by an administrator.


Council of the Doctoral School  Reports

The Executive Board of the ED is supported by a Council that assists in all its assigned missions.
The Council plays multiple roles:

The Council comprises professors and researchers,representatives of the socio-economic world, representatives of the doctoral students, and representatives of the technical and administrative staff.


As of 22th May 2018 the Council is constituted as follows:

12 laboratory directors

2 ED administrators and technical/administrative staff representatives

3 representatives of the academic world outside of the ED

4 doctoral students elected by their peers from each institution

2 representatives of the socio-economic sector


Council membership is renewed every 5 years (with the exception of doctoral students, renewed every 2 years).

The Council of the ED typically meets three times a year, and more frequently if necessary.