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Admitted students are invited to consult the page relative to registration, and to be aware of the registration procedures in the institution indicated next to their name. The relevant contacts for each establishment are listed on the page Contact.

Results of competition for grants for

Results of cometition will in principle be available at 13 June, 18:00 approximately.

Candidates with independant funding sources accepted for enrollment in ED for 2022

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Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject Funding Inst.
Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject Funding Inst.
ARAGON Antoine LPENS Aleksandra WALCZAK Probabilistic methods for identifying signatures of selection on evolutionary trees: from data to theory and back CNRS PSL
CORAL Maelie IL Yannick DE WILDE Two-dimensional Surface-Phonon Polariton Heat Transfer Autre PSL
KARNAUKHOV Vadim LPENS Aleksandra WALCZAK Statistical analysis of MAIT cells CFR Curie PSL
KRIEGUER Thomas LPENS Yanko TODOROV Theory of Quantum Detectors in the Ultra-Strong Light-Matter Coupling Regime ERC PSL