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Results of competition for grants for

Clear Filters Additionnal listCandidates with independant funding
Main list: the ED propose a doctoral contract (CD) to the following candidates (alphabetic ordering)
(Striked out lines correspond to abandonment of candidacy).
Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject Inst.
ACALAPATI MADANI Muhammad Ezra LPENS Giuseppe POLICASTRO Complexity and defects in the holographic correspondence
ALVEZ CANEPA Anaclara LISN Cyril FURTLEHNER Scale invariant neural networks and application to critical phenomena UPSaclay
ARKOWITZ Gregory IJM Benoît LADOUX Mechanics of migrating epithelial tissues UPCité
Color centers in diamond coupled to nanofibers for quantum computing SU
BLACHIER Baptiste LPENS Vincent VENNIN Observable consequences of quantum backreaction effects during Cosmic Inflation PSL
BLAVY Vincent LPENS Emmanuel BAUDIN Électrodynamique quantique dans les transistors en graphène très hors équilibre PSL
Pierre CLADÉ
Frequency-Comb atom interferometry with ytterbium SU
BUREKOVIC Sumeja SPEC Cesare NARDINI Controlling phase separation in active systems UPSaclay
BURENEV Ivan LPTMS Satya MAJUMDAR Statistics of time-dependent transport observables in open stochastic systems UPSaclay
CAGNON TROUCHE Marina LPENS Carole DIEDERICHS Individual perovskite nanocrystals as quantum light emitters SU
CALAMIER Camille MSC Vincent FLEURY Rôle des déformations visco-élastiques dans le remodelage vasculaire tumoral, études in vivo. UPCité
CASCARO Léa MSC Atef ASNACIOS Mechanobiology of the root hair growth UPCité
CASTEDO Sebastian LPENS Rémi MONASSON Energetics of computation in artificial and natural neural networks PSL
CHAPUIS Antoine INSP Valia VOLIOTIS Coupled quantum dots for integrated quantum photonics SU
CHEAYTO Camar INSP Martino TRASSINELLI Investigation on the interaction between highly charged ions and surface magnetism SU
CIAVATTA Alessandro IMPMC Lorenzo PAULATTO Ab initio search for novel thermoelectric materials SU
DE SIMEONE Italo Pio MPQ Sara DUCCI On-chip engineering of frequency quantum states of light for quantum information UPCité
Development of an optimal two-photon fiberscope for the optical study of the brain in freely moving animals SU
DESPEIGNES Nino MSC Marc DURAND Fluctuations, organization and stability of active multicellular systems UPCité
FERTÉ Benoît LPENS Xiangyu CAO
Alberto ROSSO
Thermalization and emergence of classicality in many-body quantum systems PSL
FOURNIER Samantha IPHT Pierfrancesco URBANI Statistical physics of learning in recurrent neural networks UPSaclay
FRUY Chloé LPENS Takis KONTOS Detection of axions with quantum magnonics PSL
GERBINO Federico LPTMS Christophe TEXIER Measurement-induced phase transitions in many-body quantum systems: exploring thermalisation, ergodicity breaking, and novel dynamical phases UPSaclay
GIORLANDINO Alessio LPENS Simona COCCO Reconstructing stochastic trajectories and transition path in complex landscapes from data: application to viral evolution
GRISON Vincent LPTMC Nicolas DUPUIS Low-dimensional disordered Bose fluids SU
HOLLAND Hugo IAS Julien GRAIN Stochastic inflation beyond the leading order UPSaclay
HUON Emilie MSC Nicolas CHEVALIER Comprendre l’hypercontractilité utérine dans l’endométriose UPCité
Raphael LOPES
Dipolar fermions in a bilayer geometry: towards the production of Stable Efimov trimers PSL
Benjamin THIRIA
Interaction des ondes de surface avec un réseau d’obstacles mobiles : applications à la conversion d’énergie de vagues UPCité
KUCHLY Sébastien PMMH Antonin EDDI Propagations d’ondes de surface dans une banquise fragmentée modèle PSL
LAGUE Guillaume INSP Christophe TESTELIN Spin properties in Free-Pb perovskite materials SU
LE DU Hugo INSP Tristan CREN Exploring Ising superconductivity and topological phases in dichalcogenides misfit compounds SU
LE GUEN Alex PMMH Éric CLÉMENT Behavioral chemotaxis SU
High-impedance superconducting circuits and hybrid mechanical systems SU
MAZDE Kratika IAP Patrick PETER Internal clocks in quantum cosmology. SU
MHAMMEDI Nassim SYRTE Franck PEREIRA Delta Kick Squeezing for Atom Interferometry beyond the Standard Quantum Limit PSL
MOSCIATTI JOFRÉ Antonio Cosimo MSC Etienne COUTURIER Is Lockhart’s growth law a predictive tool? UPCité
Pascal SIMON
Theoretical study of quantum bound states in Dirac materials UPSaclay
NAIRABEZE Alexandre GULLIVER Élie RAPHAËL Vibrated granular flows on inclined planes PSL
Majorana Diagrammatics for Quantum Spin Liquids SU
Nancy PAUL
Fundamental tests through precision spectroscopy of muonic and antiprotonic atoms SU
PARASKEVOPOULOU Antonia Eirini LPTHE Karim BENAKLI Effective Theories, Dark Universe and the Swampland SU
PEPIN Mathis LKB Sébastien GLEYZES QND measurement of a circular Rydberg atom of Strontium PSL
POISSON Arthur IAP Sebastien RENAUX-PETEL Probing cosmological inflation: precision physics, exploratory physics, and formal aspects SU
RAJ Rishi LPTHE Boris PIOLINE Trous noirs BPS et invariants de Donaldson-Thomas SU
SAHU Sankarshan LPTMC Bertrand DELAMOTTE Généralisations du théorème central limite à des systèmes fortement corrélés SU
SAMIOTI Kyriaki LPS Orsay Marino MARSI Quantum confinement and out-of-equilibrium electron dynamics UPSaclay
SEGUIGNE Paul LCPMR Laurence PRUVOST Intrication à plusieurs qbits : vortex optiques et mélange à 4 ondes spontané SU
SIMONETTI Maria Grazia MPQ Indranil PAUL Interlay of Rashba coupling and electronic interaction in unconventional superconductors UPCité
TOSCA Jacopo MPQ Cristiano CIUTI Theory of Ising machines based on multi-mode quantum optical systems UPCité
VACHER Elise PCC Pascal SILBERZAN Cell monolayers: From active polar fluids to active elastic solids PSL
WANG Qinhan LPENS Frédéric CHEVY Dynamics of strongly correlated Quasi 1D fermionic systems PSL
YARWICK Joseph IJCLab Samuel WALLON Reaching the precision frontier of gluonic saturation through the QCD shock-wave approach UPSaclay
Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject Inst.

Clear Filters Main listCandidates with independant funding
Additionnal list : In case of desistance, the ED could propose a CD to the following candidates (alphabetic ordering)
(Striked out lines correspond to abandonment of candidacy).
Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject
Benjamin BASSO
Study of quantum field theories and matrix models in the planar limit
CAVALLERO Simone LPTMS Nicolas PAVLOFF two dimensional quantum turbulence
Génération de brouillard induit par un écoulement turbulent
ESWARAN Karthik LPENS Alexandros ALEXAKIS Criticality in Geophysical Turbulence
FAYET Olivier LPS Orsay Frédéric PIECHON
Topological 3D multifold semimetals beyond Weyl/Dirac semimetals
FOURCADE Fabrice Nathan IPHT Patrick VALAGEAS Gravitational dynamics of scalar-field dark matter
GRIECO Alessandra IPHT Iosif BENA Black Holes in String Theory
JASSER Barbara LPTMS Raoul SANTACHIARA Conformal field theories in statistical model
MANET Hugo IPHT Emmanuel GUITTER Décompositions bijectives universelles des surfaces discrètes et continues
Fonctions de corrélation pour les théories de jauge intégrables en quatre dimensions
ROMANO Marcello IPHT Brando BELLAZZINI Effective Field Theories via Consistency Conditions
SHIRALIEVA Aisel LPEM Luca DE’MEDICI Electronic Correlations Driven by Magnetocrystalline Anisotropies
Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject

Candidates with independant funding sources accepted for enrollment in ED for 2023

(Thèses financées sur projet ou ressources propres)Clear Filters     Main listAdditionnal list
Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject Funding Inst.
Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject Funding Inst.
AKARAPIPATTANA Pawat LPTMS Martin LENZ Elucidating the role of particle deformation in shaping frustrated aggregates CNRS UPSaclay
ALBECQ Manon IL François RAMAZ Event-based single-molecule localization microscopy for biological applications Labex WIFI PSL
AOUSTIN Emma UMPhy Richard MATTANA Contrôle électrique de dispositif de spintronique moléculaire ANR UPSaclay
ATHÈNES Gabriel LPENS Aleksandra WALCZAK Machine learning and statistical inference based prediction of immune receptors that recognise pathogens CIFRE PSL
BARBIER Léo-Paul GULLIVER Mathilde REYSSAT Nage de Gouttes auto-propulsées : contrôle et interactions CD spé ENS Paris-Saclay (AMN) PSL
BENIZRI Lior LPENS Jan TROOST Holography, Conformal Field Theory and Supersymmetry CD spé ENS Ulm (AMN) PSL
BERLAND Salomé LPS Orsay Christophe POULARD Understanding the debonding criterion of a microscopic fibril of soft polymer CNRS UPSaclay
BERLIOZ Théotim LPTMC Olivier BENICHOU Exact closure for spatial correlations in single-file systems CD spé Ec. Polytechnique (AMX) SU
BERNABEU Lou SPEC Caglar GIRIT Strong Light Matter Interaction in a Superconducting Mesoscopic Circuit ANR UPSaclay
BERNARD Maximilien LPENS Pierre LE DOUSSAL Fluctuations dans la croissance stochastiques d’interfaces et de populations CD spé ENS Ulm (AMN) PSL
BERTHOMIER Julien UMPhy Abdelmadjid ANANE Etude de condensats de magnons par microscopie NV PEPR Quantique UPSaclay
BOUCHEREAU Yann LKB Nicolas TREPS Intrication non-gaussienne avec des peignes de fréquences optiques ANR SU
BOUCKAERT William UMPhy Vincent CROS Magnetic textures as information carriers: Creation and control ANR UPSaclay
BURKHARD Mattheus MPQ Cristiano CIUTI Theory of non-equilibrium many-body physics of photons in complex media” CD spé ENS Paris-Saclay (AMN) UPCité
BUTTIENS Thomas UMPhy Manuel BIBES Gaz d’électrons bidimensionnels ferroélectriques pour le contrôle de la conversion spin-charge à température ambiante ANR UPSaclay
CAGNON TROUCHE Marina LPENS Carole DIEDERICHS Individual perovskite nanocrystals as quantum light emitters QICS (SU) SU
CALLET Clémentine IVISION Kate GRIEVE Clinical use of full field optical coherence tomography ANR SU
CARLES Baptiste UMPhy Danijela MARKOVIC Quantum reservoir computing with superconducting circuits ERC UPSaclay
CARRERA Edison IPHT Grégoire MISGUICH Noisy quantum devices: many body simulations of open systems, benchmark and certification PEPR Quantique UPSaclay
CHAPUIS Antoine INSP Valia VOLIOTIS Coupled quantum dots for integrated quantum photonics PEPR Quantique SU
CHATZIANTONIOU Yorgos GULLIVER Hélène BERTHOUMIEUX Étude théorique du fonctionnement des mitochondries : Comment le couplage entre confinement et transport assure-t-il l’efficacité de cet organelle ? CNRS PSL
CIPI Greis LPS Orsay Stanislas ROHART Topological conversion between domain walls and skyrmions in magnetic circuits Autre UPSaclay
CORRÈGE Baptiste LPENS Stephan FAUVE Génération de brouillard induit par un écoulement turbulent AGPR PSL
COVOLO Antoine JEIP Alexei OURJOUMTSEV Quantum engineering of light with intracavity Rydberg superatoms CD spé ENS Paris-Saclay (AMN) PSL
CROQUETTE Samuel IL Fabrice LEMOULT Elastic Waves in Soft Matter: from spatio-temporal wave control to cochlear physics CD spé ENS Paris-Saclay (AMN)
DAIX Cyprien LKB Fabrice GERBIER Quantum Simulation of Fermionic Matter at the Single-Atom Level CD spé ENS Paris-Saclay (AMN) PSL
DEMBELE Florian LMCE Paul LOUBEYRE Caractérisation de différents modes de compression dans la CED-dynamique et application à la cavitation des liquides, aux changements chimiques, à la synthèse de matériaux métastables et aux mécanismes de transition de phase. CTBU CEA UPSaclay
DESCAMPS Eloi MPQ Perola MILMAN Temps et fréquence comme variables continues quantiques CD spé ENS Ulm (AMN) UPCité
DESORT Thibaut LPS Orsay Mark-Oliver GOERBIG The fate of the Berry curvature (and quantum geometry) in correlated 2D materials CD spé Ec. Polytechnique (AMX) UPSaclay
DOMENACH Lucile INSP Agnès MAÎTRE Nanosources quantiques plasmoniques en couplage fort PRAG SU
DURAND Robin LPS Orsay Pascal SIMON Modélisation théorique des dispositifs topologiques microélectroniques Autre UPSaclay
EVERS Sara Johanna PCC Pierre SENS Models of tissue development with cell differentiation and migration with application to neocortex development Autre PSL
FAUVARQUE Priscille SPEC Cindy ROUNTREE Stress corrosion behaviour of mesostructured glass phase separation CFR CEA UPSaclay
FREYSS Adrien LPENS Christine GOURIER Why does a spermatozoon and only one manage to fertilize an oocyte? Nature and kinetics of sperm neutralization after a first fertilization Interfaces pour le vivant (IPV, SU) SU
GAUDOUT Samuel LKB Saïda GUELLATI-KHELIFA Determination of the Fine-structure constant with an accuracy at the level of 10-11 Idex SU SU
GIRAULT Bastien LPENS Miguel FERNANDES PAULOS Aspects of locality in AdS CFT CD spé ENS Lyon (AMN) PSL
GRANIER Julia IVISION Kate GRIEVE Biomarqueurs structurelles et fonctionnelles rétiniens pour l’étude des maladies neurodégénératifs ERC SU
GRISON Vincent LPTMC Nicolas DUPUIS Low-dimensional disordered Bose fluids Sorbonne université SU
GROS-DESORMEAUX Lilay MPQ Luca GUIDONI Towards integration of ion trapping devices dedicated to quantum information ANR UPCité
HÄGI Dominik Fabian SPEC Patrice BERTET Résonance Magnétique sur Molécule Unique Idex UPSaclay UPSaclay
HOUSSET Althéa LKB Alberto BRAMATI Quantum Operations with SiV in diamond nanophotonic waveguides ANR SU
HUYGHUES DESPOINTES Auriane PMMH David QUÉRÉ Surfaces super-glissantes : mise au point et fonctionnement CD spé Ec. Polytechnique (AMX) PSL
KACZMARCZUK Benoit SYRTE Franck PEREIRA Modelling Quantum Sensors for Geodesy Europe (hors ERC) PSL
KATSAVOU Ioanna LKB Julien LAURAT Photonic sources for entanglement-based quantum network Sorbonne université SU
KEFALA Georgia-Maria PCC Karine GUEVORKIAN The role of mechano-chemical cues in vertebrate axial patterning and somite generation Institut Curie PSL
KHAN Azra MPQ Clément BARRAUD Charge and spin transport through 2D van der Waals heterostructures inserted in cavity ANR UPCité
KOLLI Amel SPEC Grégoire DE LOUBENS Spectroscopie et contrôle de dynamiques non-linéaires complexes dans les nanostructures magnétiques : vers des technologies de traitement de l’information non conventionnelles ANR UPSaclay
LE BIHAN Joseph LIED José HALLOY Approche interdisciplinaire et modélisation systémique des flux de matériaux et d’énergie dans le recyclage des métaux stratégique. Corps des ponts, des eaux et des forêts UPCité
LE BRIS Jean SPEC François DAVIAUD Turbulent flows beyond the Kolmogorov barrier through small scale 4D-PTV measurements ANR UPSaclay
LE FUR Clément MPQ Ivan FAVERO Ultra-high frequency optomechanics in liquids ANR UPCité
LEINEBØ Charlotte Amalie MSC Jean-Marc DI MEGLIO Multi-DEV PEPR Quantique UPCité
LEMERCIER Adrien SRMP Jean-Luc BECHADE Carbures dans les aciers ferritiques : thermodynamique, précipitation et impact sur les propriétés mécaniques CTBU CEA UPSaclay
LENOIR Solène PCC Claire WILHELM Rôle de stimulations hydrodynamiques sur l’organisation, la différenciation et la communication intercellulaire dans les cellules souches. ERC SU
LEROUX Romain LJP Jean-Christophe GALAS Matériaux biomimétiques inspirés de la morphogenèse ANR SU
LI Qian LPEM Cheryl FEUILLET-PALMA Cuprate Van Der Waals heterostructures for high temperature ultrafast SNSPD Bourse CSC Scholarship (Chine) PSL
LOPETEGUI GONZÁLEZ Carlos Ernesto LKB Nicolas TREPS Non-Gaussian quantum correlations and its applications CD spé ENS Ulm (AMN) SU
LOPEZ Adrien SPEC Bérengère DUBRULLE SOBER SIMULATIONS OF CLIMATE BIFURCATIONS: thermohaline Circulation CD spé Ec. Polytechnique (AMX) UPSaclay
MA Qimin PMMH Ramiro GODOY-DIANA Modelling collective fish swimming with visual perturbations Bourse CSC Scholarship (Chine) SU
MAFFIONE Gaia C2N Rebeca RIBEIRO Superconductivity and topological states in twisted bilayer graphene Europe (hors ERC) UPSaclay
MAHOB Coline LERMA Christof JANSSEN High-Precision laser spectroscopy of ozone in the UV for atmospheric applications ANR SU
MARCHÉ Alice LPTMS Leonardo MAZZA The quantum Zeno effect in a lossy SU(N) atomic gas CNRS UPSaclay
MARLIERE Nathan SYRTE Arnaud LANDRAGIN Quantum metrology: pushing the frontier with a cold-atom gyroscope Obs. PM PSL
MARTIN Simon LPENS Giulio BIROLI Machine Learning and Statistical Physics INRIA PSL
MATEI Toma-Cristian IPHT Catherine PÉPIN Matériaux topologiques et métaux étranges PEPR Quantique UPSaclay
MEHRABIAN TERLEXIS Malcolm LPENS Cécile SYKES How cytoskeletal forces trigger nucleus activation during confined cell motility CNRS PSL
MENSHAWY Mohamed UMPhy Julie GROLLIER Spintronic nano-oscillators and diodes for neuromorphic computing Europe (hors ERC) UPSaclay
MEROLLE Alix LKB Quentin GLORIEUX Fluides de lumière 1D dans un milieu atomique résonant. CNRS SU
MICHAUD Juliette PMMH Florence ELIAS Mousses marines naturelles ultra-stables ANR UPCité
MORETTINI Gianluca LPTMS Leonardo MAZZA Slow dynamics in closed quantum systems PEPR Quantique UPSaclay
NASR Pascale INSP Mathieu MIVELLE Etude du couplage entre la lumière magnétique et la matière ANR SU
NOÉ Suchel LPENS Miguel FERNANDES PAULOS Non-perturbative and bootstrap methods in Quantum Field Theory ERC PSL
NORBERG Nat IVISION Kate GRIEVE Optophysiology with dynamic full field optical coherence tomography ERC SU
OLIVEIRA LEFUNDES Gabriel IPHT Didina SERBAN Fonctions de corrélation pour les théories de jauge intégrables en quatre dimensions Idex UPSaclay UPSaclay
PAGOT Louis SYRTE Franck PEREIRA Quantum Control for Atom Interferometry CD spé Ec. Polytechnique (AMX) PSL
PAPARELLE Iris Michela Anna LKB Valentina PARIGI Pulse by pulse and frequency multiplexed quantum states for CV protocols CD spé ENS Paris-Saclay (AMN) SU
PATY Lilian IJM Cécile LEDUC Structure and mechanics of composite cytoskeletal networks ANR UPCité
PEPIN Mathis LKB Sébastien GLEYZES QND measurement of a circular Rydberg atom of Strontium QICS (SU) SU
PIAZZA Andrea LPENS Angela VASANELLI Photodétecteur quantique à métasurface accordable pour l’infrarouge Autre UPCité
PIPELIN Jean-Gabriel LKB Julien LAURAT New generation cold-atom based quantum memory for quantum repeaters Europe (hors ERC) SU
PRADAS RODRIGUEZ Sergi LPS Orsay Pascal SIMON Driven dynamics of bound states in a superconductor DIM SIRTEQ UPSaclay
RAGEAU Théophile UMPhy Julie GROLLIER Neural networks learning through dynamics ERC UPSaclay
RODRIGUEZ SANCHEZ Luis Paulino LPS Orsay Marco APRILI Quantum dynamics of a single spin on a superconductor CNRS UPSaclay
ROMANO Marcello IPHT Brando BELLAZZINI Effective Field Theories via Consistency Conditions CNRS UPSaclay
ROSSET Lorenzo LPENS Francesco ZAMPONI Synergizing data-driven models and high-throughput experiments to understand protein function and evolution sur crédits laboratoire PSL
ROUX Paul LPENS Jesper JACOBSEN Amorçage conforme et modèles de boucles CD spé ENS Ulm (AMN) PSL
SALLES Arthur LIED Catherine VILLARD Stimulation microfluidique et analyses multi-paramétriques par apprentissage profond de la production de vésicules extracellulaires par les cellules tumorales circulantes DIM BioConvS UPCité
SARFATI Lila MSC Frédéric VAN WIJLAND Interface dynamics in active matter CD spé ENS Ulm (AMN) UPCité
SAVIC Nikola IPHT Filippo VERNIZZI Fundamental physics with gravitational waves CFR CEA UPSaclay
SCHMIDT Valentin LMCE Paul LOUBEYRE Mesures magnétiques sous très hautes pressions par spectrométrie de centres NV : supraconductivité des superhydrures et transitions magnétiques des systèmes d’actinides CTBU CEA UPSaclay
SCHREINER Katharina LKB François NEZ Whispering gallery waves with neutron and hydrogen Bourse Gouv Fr (Ambassades) SU
SEYVE Lilian SPEC Cosimo GORINI Quantum magnetotransport in shaped topological insulator nanowires CFR CEA UPSaclay
STERNBERG Jean MPQ Maria AMANTI Integrated Terahertz Quantum Optics Autre UPCité
TAMPIER Jules PMMH Anke LINDNER Flows of suspensions of flexible discs of tunable properties CD spé ENS Lyon (AMN) UPCité
THEY Alexandre IVISION Valentina EMILIANI Three-photon excitation strategies for all-optical neuronal circuits investigation in-depth ERC SU
TOUZEAU David IPHT Francis BERNARDEAU Impact of theoretical uncertainties on dark energy parameters derived from the Euclid mission CD spé Ec. Polytechnique (AMX) UPSaclay
USCIATI Romain LPTMS Raoul SANTACHIARA Analytic continuation of Conformal Field theories Autre UPSaclay
VASILJEVIC Olga LJP Léa-Laetitia PONTANI Using engineered oil droplets to map compression and traction forces in a developing neuronal circuit Autre SU
VEILLON Alexandre C2N Frédéric PIERRE Exploring Anyons Quasiparticles in Quantum Circuits ERC UPSaclay
VOISIN Julien LPENS Gabriel HÉTET Résonance Magnétique Nucléaire avec des Particules en Lévitation ANR PSL
WANG Ziao LKB Sylvain GIGAN Optical Computing Beyond Random projections Idex PSL PSL
WATTELLIER Sarah LKB Jérôme BEUGNON Strongly interacting Rydberg Bose gases ERC SU
WESTPHAL Lea LLB Florence PORCHER Optimisation des électrolytes pour les batteries Li-ion – Ordre à courte et longue portée dans les esters de carbonates cycliques Autre CDD ESR étranger UPSaclay
YANG Hankun LKB Hilton BARBOSA DE AGUIAR Compressive Raman microspectroscopy of transient states in battery materials Europe (hors ERC) PSL
YOUNG Aurore-Alice LKB Clément SAYRIN Quantum simulation with circular Rydberg atoms in optical tweezers Autre SU
YU Panli MSC Florence GAZEAU Hybrid extracellular vesicles as an RNA delivery carrier for tissue regeneration involved in inflammation Bourse CSC Scholarship (Chine) UPCité
YU Peng PMMH Ramiro GODOY-DIANA Aerodynamic and Elastic Response of Dragonfly-inspired Flapping Wings Bourse CSC Scholarship (Chine) SU
ZECCHETTO Alessandro MPQ Florent BABOUX Nonlinear waveguide arrays for quantum information PEPR Quantique UPCité
ZEROUAL Hafsa LPS Orsay Fabrice BERT Quantum Spin Liquid Materials with a Kagome Lattice PEPR Quantique UPSaclay
ZIAPKOFF Victor LPS Orsay Anniina SALONEN Depollution at sea : foaming at high salinity ANR UPSaclay