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Candidates with independant funding sources accepted for enrollment in ED for 2023

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Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject Funding Inst.
Name Lab. Advisor(s) Subject Funding Inst.
AKARAPIPATTANA Pawat LPTMS Martin LENZ Elucidating the role of particle deformation in shaping frustrated aggregates CNRS UPSaclay
BOUCKAERT William UMPhy Vincent CROS Magnetic textures as information carriers: Creation and control ANR UPSaclay
KHAN Azra MPQ Clément BARRAUD Charge and spin transport through 2D van der Waals heterostructures inserted in cavity ANR UPCité
LOPEZ Adrien SPEC Bérengère DUBRULLE SOBER SIMULATIONS OF CLIMATE BIFURCATIONS: thermohaline Circulation CD spé Ec. Polytechnique (AMX) UPSaclay
MARCHÉ Alice LPTMS Leonardo MAZZA The quantum Zeno effect in a lossy SU(N) atomic gas CNRS UPSaclay
MARLIERE Nathan SYRTE Arnaud LANDRAGIN Quantum metrology: pushing the frontier with a cold-atom gyroscope Obs. PM PSL
PAPARELLE Iris Michela Anna LKB Valentina PARIGI Pulse by pulse and frequency multiplexed quantum states for CV protocols CD spé ENS Paris-Saclay (AMN) SU
ROSSET Lorenzo LPENS Francesco ZAMPONI Synergizing data-driven models and high-throughput experiments to understand protein function and evolution sur crédits laboratoire PSL