Doctoral missions are complementary activities that strengthen professional experience of the PhD students, while providing an additional pay (cf. arrété sur les rémunérations).


Sorts of missions

In accordance with the status of the “contrat doctoral”, there are four kinds of doctoral missions :



Dates and application process in 2021 :


Useful information

- You can get a doctoral mission only if you have a doctoral contract. So you cannot benefit from a doctoral mission if you are granted by a CIFRE program, a foreign grant, a CEA-CFR grant, or a conventional "contrat à durée déterminé". On the contrary, you can apply if you are granted by an Idex, a Labex or a territorial collectivity program.
- The allocations of the missions do not depend on the doctoral school, but they depend on services like UFR, libraries, companies,... So you have to apply at your university. However, the opinion of the doctoral school can be asked for the selection, so it is strongly recommended to inform us.
- The doctoral contract is generally signed only for research. When you have a doctoral mission, a special part of the contract mentions which time is dedicated to the doctoral mission.
- These missions can be realize in others institutions than the one who employs you. In this case, a convention between the two institutions will be established.
- Generally, the institutions give priority to the PhD students that they employ, compared to external applications.