Specifically, the monitoring procedure is organized as follows (the actual schedule may vary slightly from one institution to another):


During the first six months of his thesis, each PhD student chooses a mentor (internally in the laboratory, but not part of the host team), and a tutor (a researcher who knows the scientific field but does not publish with the supervision of the PhD student), validated by the laboratory director and the ED. If a PhD student is a member of a laboratory having a monitoring system in accordance with the texts, the one set up in the laboratory may replace the committee requested by the ED after agreement of the latter.

Mentor and tutor constitute the monitoring committee. This committee is not intended to substitute for the advisor. The thesis advisor and co-advisor, if any, and the mentor are collectively responsible for monitoring the thesis progress. The student is encouraged to make regular contact with his mentor or the member of the board attached to his institution, and share any potential difficulties associated with the progress or the supervision of his thesis.


At the end of first year :


At the end of 2nd year :


In case of difficulties...

A monitoring committee consisting of the thesis advisor, any co-advisor and/or co-supervisors, the monitoring committee, and a representative of the ED and/or an expert in the field outside the laboratory will be set up for any thesis: