Application Process

In order to enroll in the doctoral school, you must have a PhD advisor who agrees to supervise the thesis, a research project, and sufficient funding, which must be provided either by an external agency or by the research group or by the doctoral school itself. The funding from French institutions can not be lower than the French nationally defined amount for doctoral candidates (monthly net amount about 1422 €). In cases where the funding is lower than this amount, the research group is required to find additional funding to reach the required limit.

Before the student’s application, the PhD proposal has to be uploaded on the proposal submission pages by the advisor.

Whatever the planned funding source, you have to:

  1. Fill in the online application form, and choose the pre-proposed PhD project. You will then receive an e-mail containing a personal link.
  2. Provide the following documents electronically (in PDF format):
    1. ID card or passport
    2. CV (resume)
    3. Transcript of your master’s courses, including grades
    4. If you have your own funding (other than ED’s CD), the financing plan and supporting documents for your envisioned source of funding.
    These document that must be uploaded on to the website by using the personal link provided in the acknowledgement email.
  3. The (possible) letters of recommendation and confidential appreciations will be directly uploaded by their authors. The most relevant referees are the advisors of your possible previous research interships.
  4. If you have your own funding (other than CD ED, CDSN, CDSX or CSC) and if you apply to a PhD project in University Paris-Saclay, you have to be interviewed (10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes of questions) by an admission committee of at least 2 senior researchers from the ED. This interview has to be organized by your supervisor.   A report should be filled by the committee (the form can be downloaded here:  PV d'audition), and sent by email to clickme

Applications for PhD projects starting in

Submission of applications for the campaign 2024 is open starting on Tuesday, 2ndJanuary, 2024

Selection of candidates for an audition

The candidates selected for an audition are listed in the first table below.

Competition applicants not selected for an audition will no longer appear on this page, but if they have other funding, will be able to change their application through their file submission page.

The auditions will take place on Wednesday, 5thJune.

Selected candidates will receive by e-mail, approximately 15 days in advance, their date and time of passage, as well as their number of sub-jury and videoconference address.

Audition format: The audition lasts fifteen minutes, including a 10-minute presentation and about 5 minutes of questions. The candidate must presents his·her cursus (academic training and interships) as well as the thesis project: he·she must devote no more than two slides to his·her thesis project in order to hilight his·her cursus.

The jury is composed by members of the laboratories attached to the doctoral school and represents various themes. The auditions are addressed to a jury composed of physicists who are not specialists in the field of the thesis, please take it into account. (the composition of the jury is displayed on the jury page).

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Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Albouy Alice LPTHE M. Cirelli Marco 149:Phenomenology of Dark Matter Indirect Detection Y
Alilou Bilal LKB M. Cherroret Nicolas 49:Relaxation of non-equilibrium quantum fluids Y
Angebault Stanislas LPENS M. Hakim Vincent 24:Learning and dynamics in recurrent neural networks Y
Auffray Elisa LPS Orsay Mme Benhabib Siham
Mme Benhabib Siham
141:The quest for quantum supreme matter in strange metals Y
Baptista Gonçalo LKB M. Indelicato Paul
Mme Paul Nancy
9:Fundamental tests through precision spectroscopy of antiprotonic atoms Y
Barckicke Jason MSC M. Falcon Eric
M. Gissinger Christophe
48:Dynamique d’ondes de Kelvin dans un tourbillon à surface libre Y
Bellelli Roberto MPQ M. Lafarge Philippe
M. Mallet François
140:Spin transport in functional bidimensional materials Y
Bienvenu Paul PMMH M. Quéré David 266:Figure de souffle et effet anti-buée Y
Bloquert Victoria GULLIVER M. Labousse Matthieu 89:Information theory and in vitro DNA cryptography Y
Boncoraglio Fabrizio LPTHE Mme Cugliandolo Leticia 135:Many-body systems out of equilibrium: effects of integrability, interactions and disorder Y
Bouchard Simon LPNHE Mme Zarrouk Pauline
M. Balland Christophe
38:Beyond standard galaxy clustering analysis with the DESI BGS Y
Bouverot-Dupuis Oscar LPTMS M. Rosso Alberto
Mme Foini Laura
99:Statistical physics of dissipative quantum systems Y
Bronzo Elia LPTMC M. Solon Alexandre 181:Topological protection in weakly chiral bacterial suspensions Y
Bruyere Emma IAP M. Pitrou Cyril 150:Champs magnétiques primordiaux : origine et signatures observationnelles Y
Capuzzo Marco IL M. Bidault Sébastien 270:Biomimetic photosynthetic pigments Y
Cerdin Tristan FAST Mme Douarche Carine 271:The air-flow rush: How do bacteria navigate complex oxygen-flow environments? Y
Chambaz Olivier LCPMR M. Taïeb Richard
M. Lévêque Camille
183:Electron-Positron Attosecond Dynamics in exotic systems: Probing correlated matter-antimatter dynamics in real-time (EPAD) Y
Champagnac Pierre GULLIVER M. Démery Vincent 147:Dynamique d’une sonde à mémoire non-linéaire : outils fondamentaux et applications Y
Charles Thomas LJP Mme Pontani Léa-Laetitia 256:Collective response of contractile cells in a soft fibrous network under spatio-temporal constraint Y
Chevallier Claire IJCLab M. Becirevic Damir 190:Flavor path to New Physics Y
Colin Tom LUTH M. Gourgoulhon Éric
Mme Bernard Laura
152:Dynamics and gravitational wave emission of spinning compact binary systems in general relativity and beyond Y
Deboutiere Brian LJP M. Nizak Clément
M. Rivoire Olivier
250:Physics-based statistical models of protein sequences Y
D’Hollande Adrien LPS Orsay M. Rozenberg Marcelo 142:Brain-Machine-Interfaces using Electronic Spiking Neural Networks Y
Fardella Yoan PCC M. Risler Thomas
M. Blanch-Mercader Carles
210:Defect-mediated dynamics of active fluid surfaces Y
Fayet Olivier LPS Orsay M. Goerbig Mark-Oliver 231:Topological surface states for the implementation of a Landau-level laser Y
Ferro Florent LPTMS M. Mazza Leonardo
M. Fagotti Maurizio
203:Systèmes quantiques à plusieurs corps de basses dimensions après des perturbations localisées Y
Fondanèche Marie IL M. De Wilde Yannick
M. Tessier Gilles
186:Digital holography for 3D second harmonic microscopy with multiplexed polarization control Y
Fourcade Fabrice Nathan LPENS M. Andreotti Bruno 233:De la pluie aux proto-planètes : dynamique d’agglomération de poussières et de gouttes. Y
Freitas Théotime MPQ M. Gallais Yann 82:Strain tuned quantum phase transitions Y
Gascue Martin LKB M. Cohadon Pierre-François
M. Jacqmin Thibaut
211:Hybrid quantum system based on an Aluminum drum mechanical resonator resonantly coupled to a low frequency superconducting qubit for quantum information processing Y
Gerstenecker Johanna PCC Mme Bassereau Patricia
M. Regmi Raju
137:Diffusion and clustering of active transporters in bio membranes Y
Gogoi Prakritish INSP M. Chin Alex 201:Emergent Decoherence and Non-Markovian Quantum Dynamics in Tunable Topological Environments ( Theory) Y
Goudeau Arno LPTHE M. Benakli Karim 215:Effective Field Theories in Quantum Gravity: Phenomenological Perspectives Y
Griguer Houssna C2N M. Mailly Dominique
M. Chauleau Jean-Yves
Mme Ribeiro Rebeca
187:Revealing the role of inversion symmetry breaking in the novel properties of van der Waals heterostructures Y
Guicheneuy Matteo LPTHE M. Fuks Benjamin
M. Shao Hua-Sheng
114:Precision predictions for present and future colliders Y
Guitter Raphael INSP M. Defienne Hugo 90:Taking photos of quantum entanglement Y
Hameury Jil LKB M. Bramati Alberto 34:Trous noirs artificiels dans des fluides quantiques de polaritons Y
Hareau D’Alessandro Chantal INSP M. Mivelle Mathieu
M. Sanz-Paz Maria
61:Optically generated magnetic field at the nanoscale for ultrafast magnetic domains manipulation Y
Hassanzadeh Alireza LPTMS M. Fruleux Antoine 205:Using statistical physics to unravel how gene selection leads to robust developmental traits Y
Hayoun Gabriel IL M. Filoche Marcel 153:Transport quantique dans les semiconducteurs désordonnés Y
Iteanu Simon IJCLab M. Noui Karim
M. Charmousis Christos
78:Objets compacts et ondes gravitationnelles dans les théories de la gravitation Y
Kaluç Osman Erkan IPHT Mme Serban Didina
M. Basso Benjamin
77:Form factors and amplitudes in integrable gauge theories at weak and strong coupling Y
Kassid Abderrahmane LKB M. Sayrin Clément
M. Brune Michel
68:Simulation quantique avec des atomes de Rydberg circulaires du Rubidium Y
Ketabi Julien LPENS M. Vennin Vincent 53:Quantum information theory for cosmological fields Y
Klause Arthur IJCLab M. Rivasseau Vincent 56:Random Tensors and Quantum Gravity Y
Kostina Polina IVISION M. Ronzitti Emiliano
M. Kuszelewicz Robert
229:holographic restoration of high resolution vision Y
Landa Anne-Katrin SYRTE M. Bize Sébastien
M. Le Targat Rodolphe
185:Ultrafast loading of cold Yb atoms in a transportable optical lattice clock Y
Le Quellec Pauline LPS Orsay M. Raspaud Eric 177:Pollution Plastique : Vers un suivi en continu et une analyse quantitative de la dégradation plastique microbienne Y
Lecce Ivan LPTHE M. Picco Marco 219:Disorder with long range interactions Y
Lefebvre Antoine LPENS M. Leyronas Xavier 221:Théorie du transport de fermions froids dans un réseau optique Y
Lelu Grégoire SPPIN M. Guillon Marc 94:Imagerie de phase polarimétrique pour la microscopie super-résolue Y
Li Tianfang SPEC M. Moussy Jean-Baptiste 129:De la croissance cristalline à la modélisation des films minces (Mn,Co)3O4 pour les revêtements contre la corrosion et la spintronique Y
Li Yi JEIP M. Ourjoumtsev Alexei 238:Interconnecting single-atom arrays via intracavity Rydberg superatoms Y
Li Yueheng LPENS M. Jacobsen Jesper 191:Spider algebras, random web models and geometrical conformal field theory Y
Lochet Angèle IPHT M. Bena Iosif 223:The geometry of flux compactifications Y
Lubis Muhammad Frassetia LPS Orsay M. Tejeda Antonio 44:Spin-orbit coupling tuning in two-dimensional systems Y
Mancini Tommaso GULLIVER M. Berthier Ludovic 192:Nonlinear response functions in glassy fluids: What do they probe? Y
Mendoza Granada Diego LPNHE M. Benhaim Eli
M. Charles Matthew
45:Amplitude analysis of three-body decays of b hadrons to charmless final states with the full Run 1-3 LHCb dataset Y
Millet Tristan LPS Orsay Mme Safi Inès 279:Microwave quantum optics in quantum Hall edge states Y
Minardi Annachiara PCC Mme Bonnet Isabelle 146:Orientation mismatches in cell monolayers: A route to multilayering Y
Mishra Ashutosh Kumar LPNHE M. Bolmont Julien 32:Implementation and Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the Temporal Analysis of High-Energy Gamma Sources with H.E.S.S. and CTA Y
Molines Adrien LPENS M. Bernard Denis 93:Information and Fluctuation in Out-of-Equilibrium Noisy Many-Body Systems Y
Moshiri Ali LKB Mme Sinatra Alice 158:Intrication et Métrologie quantique avec des système Atomiques de Grand Spin Y
Mrad Samia MSC M. Graner Francois 102:Cell automaton-based simulation of tissue migration in early embryonic development Y
Narvasa Jericho LPS Orsay Mme Quay Charis
M. Aprili Marco
104:In search of equal-spin triplet superconductivity: doping MoS2 into the superconducting state Y
Nguyen Thi Lan Anh PCC M. Joanny Jean-François
Mme Tsai Feng-Ching
139:Morphological dynamics of active nematic vesicles Y
Ouyang Zikun LPENS M. Barraquand Guillaume 70:Matrix-valued directed polymer partition functions and integrable probability Y
Pacheco João Luiz IL M. Lemoult Fabrice 260:Dynamic full-field OCT of the inner ear Y
Pan Yinhong LPS Orsay M. Piechon Frédéric
M. Thiaville André
245:Topological massless multifold semimetals beyond Weyl/Dirac semimetals Y
Papin Thibault PMMH M. Bico José
M. Bourrianne Philippe
257:Mechanics of 2D tensile fibrous networks: application to rackets Y
Peris Yagüe Víctor LPENS Mme Cocco Simona
M. Amor Daniel
184:Predicting emergent functions in microbial communities Y
Philips Sarah LKB M. Beugnon Jérôme 39:Strongly interacting cloud of few ultracold atoms Y
Pineau Paul LJP M. Voituriez Raphaël 131:Dynamique collective de marcheurs aléatoires non Markoviens en interaction Y
Pisapia Paolo LPENS M. Wiese Kay 202:Complex CFTs and DLA Y
Plaud Arthur LPTMC M. Benichou Olivier 121:Dynamique d’exploration de marches aléatoires et applications Y
Prado Bandeira Dafne LPTMC M. Tarzia Marco 199:Large-deviation analysis of rare resonances for the Many-Body localization transition Y
Rambeau Eliott C2N M. Lanco Loïc 200:Theory of atom-photon and spin-photon interfaces: from cavity-QED to waveguide-QED Y
Raphin Clément LKB M. Reichel Jakob
M. Long Romain
160:Quantum simulation with an atom-tweezer array in an optical microcavity Y
Restrepo Orrantia Lorenzo LPNHE M. Popov Boris
M. Guigue Mathieu
28:Préparation de la reconstruction et des analyses d’oscillation pour Hyperk-Kamiokande Y
Rezi Noela UMPhy M. Garcia Vincent 127:Stabilizing topological antiferromagnetic solitons in multiferroics Y
Robbes Axel SYRTE M. Le Coq Yann
Mme Fang-Sortais Bess
81:Trous brûlés spectraux sub-K pour la métrologie quantique : des lasers ultra-stables aux corrélations quantiques Y
Rossboth Ayla Emmanuelle LPTHE M. Estienne Benoit
M. Ikhlef Yacine
225:Mathematical Physics for low-dimensional quantum systems Y
Saint-Olive Hugo INSP Mme Maître Agnès 4:Strong coupling of single quantum dot emission within plasmonic antenna modes Y
Sanchez Théo SYRTE M. Garrido Alzar Carlos 36:Study of systematics in spin squeezed clock with trapped atoms on an atom chip Y
Santos Lucas Mauricio LPENS M. Thiam Abdou Rachid 75:Biophysical approaches to study liquid crystalline lipid droplets in a cellular context Y
Sayikli Alp Tibet LPTMS M. Emig Thorsten 86:QED fluctuations and fractal objects Y
Schreiber Anna MSC M. Di Meglio Jean-Marc 263:Formation massive et caractérisation biomécanique de tumoroïdes sur puce thermoplastique pour le criblage de chimio-immunothérapies Y
Sharma Louis JEIP M. Schirò Marco 234:Réseaux de neurones et systèmes fermioniques fortement corrélés Y
Singhania Vanshika MPQ M. Repain Vincent
Mme Bellec Amandine
115:Spintronic properties of chiral interfaces Y
Soares André LPTMC M. Fuchs Jean-Noël 40:Partition function of exactly-solvable models with either topological order or fractonic order Y
Soncin Lorenzo IL M. Carminati Rémi
Mme Krachmalnicoff Valentina
193:Photon thermalization in disordered scattering media Y
Sueiro Jules JEIP M. Schirò Marco 232:Light-Control of Quantum Materials Y
Suss Roméo LPS Orsay M. Tresset Guillaume 100:Microscopie innovante pour sonder la dynamique d’auto-assemblage de virus uniques dans un milieu complexe Y
Sutevski Leo SPEC M. Flurin Emmanuel
M. Bertet Patrice
166:Robust detection of single microwave photons with multi-qubit superconducting processor. Y
Taillat Pierre-Louis LPTMC M. Sindzingre Philippe 145:Fluides et superfluides de fermions ultrafroids Y
Tosi Elena Maria INSP M. Trassinelli Martino 55:Investigation on the interaction between highly charged ions and magnetic surfaces Y
Toulouse Delfina MONARIS M. Michaut Xavier
M. Bertin Mathieu
175:Etude expérimentale de l’influence des processus thermiques à la surface des grains glacés sur les abondances de spin nucléaire de H2 dans le milieu interstellaire. Y
Vacus Thomas LPENS M. Bocquet Lydéric 168:Couplages hydro-électroniques en transport nanofluidique: mise en évidence de l’effet tunnel fluidique et applications Y
Vences Robert Roseni IJCLab Mme Abi Haidar Darine 133:Diagnostic Moléculaire Opératoire Y
Verollet Christian LPTHE M. Goodsell Mark 217:Connecting generic new physics models and effective field theories Y
Viel Sahil LKB M. Hilico Laurent 161:Probing fundamental physics with H2+ Y
Villain Tristan LKB M. Nascimbène Sylvain 132:Topological states of matter with atomic Dysprosium Y
Walder Matteo IMPMC M. Casula Michele 197:First-principles neural network quantum states Y
Yuan Yihao MPQ M. Degiron Aloyse 241:Spontaneous emission of complex forms of light Y
Zehner David UMPhy M. Anane Abdelmadjid 220:Potentiels magnoniques pour une nouvelle génération de puces à atomes froids Y
Zhai Runqing ISMO M. Santander Andres 51:Novel electronic states and exotic phase transitions in correlated electron systems Y

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Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Aksil Mathéo LJP Mme Loverdo Claude
M. Grigolon Silvia
59:A stochastic physico-chemical model of morphogenesis
Álvarez-Novoa Franco Gerard MSC M. Berret Jean-François 80:Pulmonary Surfactant - The Breath of Life : The INHALE Project
Atangana Ekobo Bertrand LPNHE M. Vincent Pascal
M. Polci Francesco
22:Recherche de la violation de la conservation de la saveur des leptons chargés avec l’expérience LHCb au CERN/Search for charged lepton flavour violation with the LHCb experiment at CERN
Candan Hugo LUTH M. Grandclément Philippe
M. Noui Karim
3:Rotating black holes in alternative theories of gravity
Cao Yuze IBENS M. Holcman David
M. Reingruber Juergen
111:Single-particle trajectories analysis and coarse-grained modelling to understand nuclear condensate dynamics
Caracciolo Di Torella Pietro LPTMS M. Lenz Martin 275:Frustrated self-assembly with multiple particle types
Chassat Adèle PCC M. Coppey Mathieu 204:Physics of transcriptional nanocondensates in Ewing sarcoma
Chiliquinga Jhon UMPhy M. Cros Vincent
M. Reyren Nicolas
178:Magnetic textures as information carriers in artificial neural networks
Dorai Nourhane C2N Mme Ribeiro Rebeca
M. Mailly Dominique
17:Superconductivity and topological states in twisted bilayer graphene
Douaud Simon LPENS M. Kashani-Poor Amir-Kian 148:Non-perturbative studies in topological string theory
Dulac Raphael IPHT M. Bena Iosif 212:La structure microscopique des trous noirs - de la théorie aux observations
Faye-Bédrin Guillaume IBENS M. Holcman David
M. Holcman David
165:Modeling, simulations and data analysis of voltage mapping in nanodomains such as mitochondria to reveal the on-demand energy response during neuronal communication
Gautry Timothée LJP M. Wandersman Elie
M. Deforet Maxime
240:Simulations and Data-Driven Analysis of Dense Monolayers of Motile Bacteria
Ghariani Wissem MPQ M. Girard Yann 163:Electronic properties of strained phosphorene allotropes
Girard Mathieu JEIP M. Ourjoumtsev Alexei
M. Garcia Sébastien
237:Quantum engineering of light with multiple intracavity Rydberg superatoms
Greco Mattia LPENS M. Mora Thierry
Mme Walczak Aleksandra
113:Causal information transmission in motion
Kalvoda Lukas Franz LPTMS M. Lenz Martin 281:Frustrated self-assembly on hierarchical lattices
Khan Azra LPS Orsay M. Monteverde Miguel
M. Chepelianskii Alexei
276:Spintronics of excited states in novel photovoltaic materials
Krebs Hugo PMMH Mme Elias Florence
M. Clément Éric
159:Suivi lagrangien et contrôle actif des réponses comportementales des micro-nageurs phytoplanctoniques
Li Tianfang SPEC M. Moussy Jean-Baptiste 42:Cartographie de la polarisation électrique dans des dispositifs ferroélectriques à l’échelle nanométrique
Lopez Nicolas IPHT M. Eynard Bertrand 47:Méthodes mathématiques pour les matrices aléatoires, la gravité quantique et la théorie des cordes
Louis-Sarrola Thomas IPHT M. Urbani Pierfrancesco 162:Non-convex high-dimensional canyon landscapes
Martin--Victorine Héloïse LIED M. Goupil Christophe
M. Herbert Eric
226:Approche thermodynamique hors d’équilibre de la production de puissance dans les systèmes vivants
Monthe Tchokountche Ulrich Donald LPS Orsay M. Le Bolloc’h David
M. Jacques Vincent
242:Inducing Exotic Electronic Phases of Quantum Matter by Tuning Crystal Symmetries
Mougey Alice GULLIVER M. Raphaël Élie
Mme Reyssat Mathilde
Mme Bouillant Ambre
222:Condensation liquide-liquide d’un mélange de polymères: Application à la conception d’émulsions biomimétiques stables
Nilsson Astrid Pasteur-UBC M. Masson Jean-Baptiste
M. Vestergaard Christian
M. Vestergaard Christian
52:The biological and computational rules of neuromodulation underlying behaviour flexibility at the neural circuit level
Paris Nicolas LPTMC M. Dupuis Nicolas
M. Mora Christophe
117:Étude de modèles d'impureté quantique par le groupe de renormalisation fonctionnel
Poutier Basile Pasteur-BDCS M. Gregor Thomas 262:Self-organized patterning in mammalian stem-cell aggregates
Pravongviengkham Metkham SYRTE M. Garrido Alzar Carlos 37:Capteur de rotation à atomes froids guidés sur puce: Conception, fabrication et modélisation de performances
Rol Léo SYRTE M. Pereira Franck
M. Sidorenkov Leonid
62:Quantum sensing of the gravity field
S Abhirami C2N Mme Ribeiro Rebeca
M. Mailly Dominique
17:Superconductivity and topological states in twisted bilayer graphene
Sadmi Tassadit MPQ M. Girard Yann 163:Electronic properties of strained phosphorene allotropes
Sarma Juman LPTHE M. Benakli Karim 215:Effective Field Theories in Quantum Gravity: Phenomenological Perspectives
Seraille Emeric LPENS M. Deffayet Cédric
M. Blanchet Luc
157:Dynamique conservative des systèmes binaires compacts, théories de gravité et cosmologie non standards
Sitoleux Paul LJP M. Grigolon Silvia
Mme Walczak Aleksandra
58:Statistical methods for the assessment of the departure from equilibrium of biological systems
Syrota Andrii LPS Orsay M. Simon Pascal
255:Amorphous Topological superconducting matter
Wacquez Lucien LPTHE M. Benakli Karim 215:Effective Field Theories in Quantum Gravity: Phenomenological Perspectives
Zanichelli Francesca C2N Mme Anthore Anne
M. Pierre Frédéric
154:Exploring Exotic Quantum State
Zouhry Soukaina SPPIN M. Hamraoui Ahmed 10:Nano-structurations physiques et chimiques de la surface pour l’autonettoyage : application à l’autonettoyage des panneaux photovoltaïques.