Result of the selection for the auditions

Application Process

In order to enroll in the doctoral school, you must have a PhD advisor who agrees to supervise the thesis, a research project, and sufficient funding, which must be provided either by an external agency or by the research group or by the doctoral school itself. The funding from French institutions can not be lower than the French nationally defined amount for doctoral candidates (monthly net amount about 1422 €). In cases where the funding is lower than this amount, the research group is required to find additional funding to reach the required limit.

Before the student’s application, the PhD proposal has to be uploaded on the proposal submission pages by the advisor.


Whatever the planned funding source, you have to:

  1. Fill in the online application form, and choose the pre-proposed PhD project. You will then receive an e-mail containing a personal link.
  2. Provide the following documents in digital format (as PDF files):
    • ID card or passport
    • CV (resume)
    • Transcript of your master's courses, including grades
    • Reference letters by the advisors of your previous internships
    • Reference letter of the considered PhD advisor
    • Possibly, up to 3 recommendation letters (at maximum
    • If you have your own funding (other than CD ED), the financing plan and supporting documents for your envisioned source of funding.
    that must be uploaded on to the website by using the personal link provided in the acknowledgement email

The (not mandatory) reference letters and confidential assessments must be sent by their authors via e-mail to clickme.

Applications for PhD projects starting in

Selection of candidates for an audition

The candidates selected for an audition are listed in the first table below.

The auditions will take place on Friday, 5th June, Monday, 8th June, Tuesday, 9th June, Wednesday, 10th June and Thursday, 11th June 2020
by vidéoconférence.

Selected candidates will receive by e-mail, approximately 15 days in advance, their date and time of passage, as well as their number of sub-jury and videoconferenc adsress.

Audition format: The audition lasts fifteen minutes, including a 10-minute presentation and about 5 minutes of questions.
The candidate must presents his cursus (academic training and interships) as well as his thesis project : he/she must devote no more than two slides to his thesis project in order to hilight his/her cursus.

The jury is composed by members of the laboratories attached to the doctoral school and represents various themes. The auditions are addressed to a jury composed of physicists who are not specialists in the field of the thesis, please take it into account. (the composition of the jury is displayed on the jury page).

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Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Amiri Sirine PCC Mme Sykes Cécile 194:Quantification of cytoskeleton-nucleus mechanotransduction during cell squeezing through narrow spaces Y
Aurégan Tristan MSC M. Courrech Du Pont Sylvain
M. Thiria Benjamin
125:Étude de structures tournantes à pales flexibles, effets collectifs et cavitation Y
Baamara Youcef LKB Mme Sinatra Alice
M. Gessner Manuel
171:Gaz quantiques, métrologie et information quantique Y
Bach Anatole INSP Mme Voliotis Valia
M. Hostein Richard
45:Semiconductor quantum dots for integrated quantum technologies Y
Bacilieri Marco INSP M. Dubin François 148:Exploring quantum simulations with dipolar excitons Y
Bacry Hugo LPTHE Mme Cugliandolo Leticia 116:Dynamics of classical and quantum, open and closed models Y
Badaoui Magid IJM M. Dmitrieff Serge 229:Multi-scale theory of the mechanics of biological materials Y
Baillou Renaud PMMH M. Clément Éric
Mme Lindner Anke
142:Traversée des barrières de mucus par les micro-organismes motiles Y
Balland Yann SYRTE M. Pereira Franck 102:Probing atom-surface interactions with an atomic quantum sensor Y
Ballu Xavier LPS Orsay M. Ferrier Meydi
Mme Bouchiat Hélène
174:Dynamics and supercurrent noise of topological edge states Y
Benito María SPEC M. Pothier Hugues
M. Goffman Marcelo
2:Topological states in superconducting weak links Y
Benvegnen Brieuc LPTMC M. Viot Pascal
M. Solon Alexandre
191:Mélanges complexes de particules actives et passives Y
Bertrand Jérémie MSC M. Bottani Samuel
M. Metens Stéphane
239:Neuronal networks dynamics and robustness under neurodegenerative or neurotropic viral attacks. Y
Bigué Arnaud LPENS M. Leyronas Xavier 197:Physique d'une impureté dans un superfluide fermionique Y
Bonneau Haggai GULLIVER M. Raphaël Élie 196:Anomalous dynamics of thin glass-forming polymer films and other problems in soft matter theory Y
Bonnet Théophile LPTMS M. Ullmo Denis 172:Mean Field Game modeling of pedestrian crowds Y
Boudon Alexis IPHT M. Valageas Patrick
M. Brax Philippe
64:Scalar field dark matter scenarios Y
Carrez Corentin LKB Mme Guellati-Khelifa Saïda
M. Cladé Pierre
86:Test du Modèle Standard par Interférométrie atomique Y
Chippari Francesco LPTHE M. Picco Marco 234:Dynamics and disorder for thermal first-order transitions Y
Couto Angelo LKB M. Brune Michel
M. Gleyzes Sébastien
31:Preparation of cold circular Rydberg atoms of Strontium Y
De Bruyne Benjamin LPTMS M. Schehr Grégory 118:Large deviations and rare event statistics in active particles systems Y
Delory Alexandre IL Mme Prada Claire
M. Eddi Antonin
M. Lemoult Fabrice
228:Ondes guidées dans des solides mous activables Y
Demattos Nogueira Hugo LKB M. Karr Jean-Philippe 175:Equation de Dirac et corrections de QED dans les ions moléculaires hydrogène Y
Dergham Perla INSP M. Trassinelli Martino 16:Investigation on the interaction between highly charged ions and surface magnetic domains Y
Descombes Pierre LPTHE M. Pioline Boris 110:Comptage des trous noirs BPS dans les espaces de Calabi-Yau Y
Dichtl Maximilian LPTHE M. Cirelli Marco
M. Sala Filippo
134:Towards the next scale of Nature: new data meet new theories Y
Drouhin Marie UMPhy Mme Grollier Julie 159:Brain-inspired computing with the dynamics of oxide-based spiking oscillators Y
D’Arco Alexandra LKB M. Gigan Sylvain 143:Computational microscopy in complex media Y
Eisenmann Isabelle LPENS M. Desprat Nicolas 225:Active phase separation in micro-algal populations submitted to predation threat Y
El Sahili Abdallah LPS Orsay Mme Brouet Véronique 245:Exploring the physics of correlated metallic kagome networks Y
Fraboul Jules LPENS M. Biroli Giulio 44:Statistical Physics, Ecology and Evolution: Eco-evolutionary dynamics of multi-species communities Y
François Matijn LPTHE M. Antoniadis Ignatios 103:Challenges in supersymmetric theories of fields and strings Y
Gan Li LPTMS M. Ouvry Stéphane 26:The algebraic area of lattice walks Y
Gasser Emile PCC Mme Villard Catherine 212:Mechanobiology of circulating cancer cells Y
Ghasemi Foad IJM M. Jegou Antoine 181:Regulation of actin filament network disassembly by mechanical and biochemical factors Y
Gilbert Elina LPS Orsay M. Poulard Christophe 37:Perles liquides dans une matrice solide : Viscoélasticité et adhésion des émulsions solides Y
Giuglaris Caroline PCC M. Silberzan Pascal 113:Chiral transition and differentiation of myoblasts Y
Glidic Pierre C2N M. Pierre Frédéric
Mme Anthore Anne
242:Circuit quantum engineering of exotic states of matter Y
Gouraud Gabriel LPENS M. Ledoussal Pierre 124:Dynamique hors equilibre et Systemes desordonnes Y
Hammond Alfred LKB M. Yefsah Tarik
M. Salomon Christophe
97:Dual Superfluidity in Two Dimensions Y
Hruza Ludwig LPENS M. Bernard Denis 47:Quantum Stochastic Dynamics: from Qu-bits to Many-Body Physics Y
Ichbiah Sacha PCC M. Joanny Jean-François
M. Turlier Hervé
169:Physical inference from microscopy biological images Y
Jha Thakur Amitayush ISMO M. Santander Andres 74:Novel electronic states and exotic phase transitions in correlated electron systems Y
Keliri Andriani LPTHE M. Douçot Benoît 211:Floquet-Andreev resonances in hybrid superconducting systems Y
Klinger Jeremie LJP M. Voituriez Raphaël 120:Exploration, recherche et optimisation de processus stochastiques non Markoviens Y
Lafoux Baptiste PMMH M. Thiria Benjamin
M. Godoy-Diana Ramiro
111:Collective fish swimming dynamics in confined geometries and altered flows Y
Le Scao Camille MSC M. Douady Stéphane
M. Derr Julien
248:Modélisation de la croissance de feuilles de fougères Y
Lellouche Solal IMPMC M. Brouder Christian 149:Magnetic properties of chiral molecular magnets Y
Li Emilie IJCLab M. Wallon Samuel 52:Exclusive processes in the QCD shock-wave approach Y
Majumdar Saptarshi LPTMS M. Rosso Alberto 3:Localisation in open quantum systems Y
Malinet Cyril IVISION M. Tessier Gilles
M. Berto Pascal
231:Development of label-free contrast techniques for cell sorting Y
Mamann Hadriel LKB M. Laurat Julien 209:Multiplexed cold-atom-based quantum memory Y
Mao Yuncheng MPQ M. Mora Christophe 203:Two-dimensional materials, correlations and topology Y
Martin-Fornier Nathan LPENS Mme Gourier Christine 123:A biomimetic sperm to study the gamete fusion machinery Y
Mauri Eugenio LPENS Mme Cocco Simona
M. Monasson Rémi
230:Predicting Evolution in Multi-Fitness Landscapes: Theory and Data-Driven Models Y
Merenda Francesco LPTHE Mme Petrini Michela 140:Gauge/gravity duality and geometry Y
Metayer Simon LPTHE M. Teber Sofian 145:Perturbative and non-perturbative aspects of low-dimensional field theories Y
Michel Antoine INSP M. Chin Alex 79:Non-equilibrium and dissipative dynamics of strongly entangled few-fermion systems with tensor network wave functions Y
Moslonka Charles MSC M. Sekimoto Ken 200:Stochasticity and Information Transfer Y
Najera Santos Baldo Luis LKB M. Heidmann Antoine
M. Deléglise Samuel
130:Quantum control of an ultra-coherent mechanical resonator with a fluxonium qubit Y
Negro Anna IPHT M. Gelis François
M. D Agnolo Raffaele Tito
205:The Higgs Boson Mass and Cosmology Y
Ouacel Mohamed Seddik LPS Orsay Mme Safi Inès 173:Statistics of minimal excitations in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Y
Richard De Latour Hugo MPQ M. Girard Yann 150:Fonctionnalisation de matériaux hybrides métal-graphène par intercalation Y
Rizkallah Pierre LPTMC M. Benichou Olivier 162:Dynamique d’un traceur biaisé en milieu encombré Y
Rosso Lorenzo LPTMS M. Mazza Leonardo
M. Petrov Dmitry
151:Dissipative Ytterbium gases Y
Rotaru Andrei LPTHE M. Smirnov Fedor
M. Ikhlef Yacine
M. Estienne Benoit
216:Two-dimensional Conformal Field Theories and geometric properties of critical systems Y
Said Zakaria LPENS Mme Diederichs Carole
M. Chassagneux Yannick
53:CQED effects with individual perovskite nanocrystals coupled to a fibered microcavity Y
Salamone Tancredi MPQ M. Orso Giuliano 28:Anderson localization of disordered quantum systems Y
Schlang Eliot PCC M. Keil Wolfgang 208:C. elegans development, perturbed in space and time using microfluidics Y
Schraeder Christian ICOCHIN M. Bockelmann Ulrich
M. Plaçais Bernard
195:Biosensing with graphene transistor arrays Y
Seurre Kévin UMPhy M. Villegas Javier
M. Seneor Pierre
82:Tunable Josephson circuits based on graphene/high-temperature superconductor junctions Y
Shcherbakova Mariia MPQ M. Leo Giuseppe 238:Dielectric metasurfaces for quantum light generation Y
Simon Yehudi LPTHE M. Fuks Benjamin
M. Shao Hua-Sheng
39:Pushing the precision frontier of LHC physics: Automating QCD resummation for new physics Y
Simonot Damien INSP Mme Maître Agnès 189:Nanoantennes plasmoniques en régime de fort confinement Y
Spera Gianmarco MSC M. Durand Marc 226:Are biological cells just another type of active particles ? Y
Stanisavljevic Ognjen LPS Orsay M. Basset Julien
M. Deblock Richard
246:High kinetic inductance-based single microwave photon detection Y
Taillanter Erwan IPHT M. Barthélemy Marc 128:Road network structure and traffic pattern Y
Tapie Pierre LJP M. Wandersman Elie 222:Mécanorécepteurs Biomimétiques Y
Trestini David IAP M. Blanchet Luc 126:Gravitational waves in alternative theories of gravity Y
Trinquier Jeanne LPENS M. Zamponi Francesco 188:Data-driven generative modeling of protein sequence landscapes Y
Uldemolins Nivela Mateo LPS Orsay M. Meszaros Andrej
M. Aubin Hervé
183:Engineering topological states using defects in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Y
Vermeil Joseph PMMH Mme Du Roure Olivia
M. Heuvingh Julien
201:Biophysical properties of cell cortex Y
Vernet Marlone LPENS M. Gissinger Christophe 157:Thermal convection in a two-fluid experiment Y
Yang Xingyu INSP Mme Schwob Catherine
M. Mivelle Mathieu
72:Harvesting and Studying the Energy of Magnetic Light Y
Zivy Julian IPHT M. Sangouard Nicolas 114:Quantum Turing machine combining superconductor qubits with a spin-ensemble quantum memory Y

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Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Abdessamad Mbardi LKB M. Hilico Laurent 221:Improving fundamental constants: Doppler free two-photon transition in H2+ for proton to electron mass ratio determination
Aladjidi Tangui LKB M. Glorieux Quentin 136:Quantum effects in a propagating fluid of light
Anselme Martin Baptiste LPS Orsay M. Simon Pascal 256:Modeling Mott insulator transitions on Rydberg atom architectures for quantum computing
Bahrehmand Mohsen LPENS M. Todorov Yanko 63:Single Photon Counters for the Ultra-Strong Light-Matter Coupling Regime
Bermejo Ortiz Joaquín LPENS M. Ferreira Robson 54:Hétérostructures de semiconducteurs IV-VI : une plateforme topologique polyvalente pour l’étude des fermions relativistes
Bert Fabrice LPS Orsay M. Bert Fabrice
M. Mendels Philippe
M. Kermarrec Edwin
146:Experimental study of Quantum Spin Liquids
Bouyx Marie IL M. Jia Xiaoping
M. Tourin Arnaud
18:Caractérisation du mélange de systèmes granulaires réactifs par ondes ultrasonores
Carniel Theophile LIED M. Halloy José 215:The dynamics of complex startup-investor networks in entrepreneurial ecosystems
Chan Chung Yuen IVISION Mme Emiliani Valentina
M. Tanese Dimitrii
106:All-optical control of neuronal circuits by optogenetics and wave front shaping
Chernyak Dmitry LPENS M. Jacobsen Jesper 95:Algebraic approach to statistical mechanics in higher dimensions
Chiout Anis C2N M. Ouerghi Abdelkarim 22:Optoelectronic and nanomechanic of semiconducting 2D materials
Colas Thomas IAS M. Grain Julien 76:Testing quantum mechanics in the early universe: theoretical aspects & observational constraints
Colliard Léo SYRTE M. Garrido Alzar Carlos 165:Évaluation de sous-ensembles optiques fonctionnalisés pour l’interférométrie atomique et les capteurs inertiels
Cui Hugo IPHT Mme Zdeborova Lenka 89:Statistical Physics of Active Machine Learning
De Figueiredo Inês Isabel LJP Mme Bonneau Stéphanie 121:Microscopie à haute résolution temporelle et spatiale pour l’étude de la dynamique multi-échelle de neurones sains et Huntington
Duval Clément LKB M. Cherroret Nicolas 84:Quenched dynamics of isolated and driven disordered systems
Dzik Eden SPEC M. Ladieu François 91:Taking up the challenge of the glass transition by optical manipulation of molecules.
El Sahili Abdallah LPS Orsay M. Bert Fabrice
M. Mendels Philippe
M. Kermarrec Edwin
146:Experimental study of Quantum Spin Liquids
Fayolle Marie IVISION Mme Emiliani Valentina
Mme Zampini Valeria
107:All optical manipulation of visual circuits in deep cortical layer 6 and dLGN.
Foldes Timothy LPTMC Mme Barbi Maria 7:A Polymer physics based approach to chromosome dynamics
Grelier Matthieu UMPhy M. Cros Vincent
M. Reyren Nicolas
184:Skyrmions and new magnetic textures in metallic magnetic multilayers
Guillen Anthony IPHT M. Bena Iosif 75:de Sitter vacua in String Theory
Joris Verstraten LKB M. Yefsah Tarik
M. Salomon Christophe
94:Single-atom imaging of correlated quantum matter: From the Unitary gas to quantum Hall states
Jukic Ivo LPTMC M. Perera Aurélien 65:Dynamics versus kinetics in complex liquids
Ke Wenqi LPTHE M. Benakli Karim 101:Alternative signatures of new physics
Kouka Dorra Pasteur-BDCS M. Gregor Thomas
M. Gregor Thomas
13:Genome organization and transcription in development
Lafon Suzanne LPS Orsay M. Restagno Frédéric 170:Effect of the temperature on the friction of liquids at the solid-liquid
Lahrache Omar SPEC M. Smogunov Alexander 99:Simulation ab initio de phénomènes de transport dans des jonctions à l’échelle atomique
Larzul Ancel Jeunes Equipes M. Schiro Marco 168:Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Disordered Quantum Matter
Le Ngoc Duc IPHT M. Jolicoeur Thierry 161:effet Hall quantique dans le graphene et jonction pn
Li Zixin SPEC M. Viret Michel
M. Moussy Jean-Baptiste
M. Chauleau Jean-Yves
236:Ultrafast dynamics in multiferroics
Lorca Cámara Antonio IVISION Mme Emiliani Valentina
M. Accanto Nicolo
132:Development of an optimal two-photon holographic micro-endoscope for the optogenetic imaging and control of neuronal activity in deep brain structures.
Mehlman Alexis SYRTE M. Bize Sébastien 90:Développement d’un système lasers stabilisés en fréquence, Compact, fibré, à vocation transportable
Menet Vincent LPTHE Mme Petrini Michela 140:Gauge/gravity duality and geometry
Merenda Francesco LPTHE Mme Petrini Michela 140:Gauge/gravity duality and geometry
Mitsios Dimitrios IPHT M. Bena Iosif 75:de Sitter vacua in String Theory
Morisse Martial INSP M. Trassinelli Martino 241:Nested Sampling and Machine Learning for Nuclear Quantum Effects
Okomo Nguema Yasmine Pasteur-BDCS M. Gregor Thomas
M. Gregor Thomas
13:Genome organization and transcription in development
Ouzit Zakarya INSP M. Coolen Laurent 68:Energy migration and collective fluorescence effects from self-assembled nanoparticles
Pelosse Alice MSC Mme Guazzelli Elisabeth
M. Roché Matthieu
80:Ecoulements capillaires dans les suspensions granulaires
Poydenot Florian LPENS M. Andreotti Bruno 164:Dynamique multiéchelles des nuages
Ramos Cabezas Juan Jose IPHT M. Bena Iosif 75:de Sitter vacua in String Theory
Ricard Guillaume MSC M. Falcon Eric 153:Etude expérimentale de la turbulence d’ondes à la surface d’un fluide : rôle de la dispersion
Robin Paul LPENS M. Bocquet Lydéric 259:Transport ionique en confinement et systèmes neuromorphiques
Rouvière Clémentine LKB M. Treps Nicolas
Mme Parigi Valentina
255:Modal decomposition for quantum parameter estimation on incoherent optical images
Schmitt Aurélien LPENS M. Plaçais Bernard
M. Baudin Emmanuel
85:Graphene far from equilibrium
Sirois Benoit LPENS M. Rychkov Vyacheslav 207:Conformal Bootstrap for Antiferromagnets and Structural Phase Transitions
Sobral Blanco Daniel IPHT M. Bena Iosif 75:de Sitter vacua in String Theory
Suárez Baquero David Esteban Gustavo IVISION Mme Emiliani Valentina 254:Optical development to image brain activity at extreme depth
Telliez Cécile IVISION Mme Emiliani Valentina
M. Ronzitti Emiliano
131:Three photon microscopy for all optical manipulaiotn of deep neuronal circuits
To Le Hong Hoang CSNSM Mme Marrache Claire
M. Sengupta Shamashis
17:Quantum Phase Transitions in 2D materials
Zheng Zechuan LPENS M. Kazakov Vladimir
M. FernandesPaulos Miguel
213:Aspects of conformal field theory and the conformal bootstrap