Application Process

In order to enroll in the doctoral school, you must have a PhD advisor who agrees to supervise the thesis, a research project, and sufficient funding, which must be provided either by an external agency or by the research group or by the doctoral school itself. The funding from French institutions can not be lower than the French nationally defined amount for doctoral candidates (monthly net amount about 1422 €). In cases where the funding is lower than this amount, the research group is required to find additional funding to reach the required limit.

Before the student’s application, the PhD proposal has to be uploaded on the proposal submission pages by the advisor.

Whatever the planned funding source, you have to:

  1. Fill in the online application form, and choose the pre-proposed PhD project. You will then receive an e-mail containing a personal link.
  2. Provide the following documents electronically (in PDF format):
    1. ID card or passport
    2. CV (resume)
    3. Transcript of your master’s courses, including grades
    4. If you have your own funding (other than ED’s CD), the financing plan and supporting documents for your envisioned source of funding.
    These document that must be uploaded on to the website by using the personal link provided in the acknowledgement email.
  3. The (possible) letters of recommendation and confidential appreciations will be directly uploaded by their authors. The most relevant referees are the advisors of your possible previous research interships.
  4. If you have your own funding (other than CD ED, CDSN, CDSX or CSC) and if you apply to a PhD project in University Paris-Saclay, you have to be interviewed (10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes of questions) by an admission committee of at least 2 senior researchers from the ED. This interview has to be organized by your supervisor.   A report should be filled by the committee (the form can be downloaded here:  PV d'audition), and sent by email to clickme

Applications for PhD projects starting in

Submission of applications for the campaign 2023 is open starting on Monday, 9thJanuary, 2023

Selection of candidates for an audition

The candidates selected for an audition are listed in the first table below.

Competition applicants not selected for an audition will no longer appear on this page, but if they have other funding, will be able to change their application through their file submission page.

The auditions will take place on Tuesday, 6thJune, Wednesday, 7thJune and Thursday, 8thJune 2023.

Selected candidates will receive by e-mail, approximately 15 days in advance, their date and time of passage, as well as their number of sub-jury and videoconference address.

Audition format: The audition lasts fifteen minutes, including a 10-minute presentation and about 5 minutes of questions. The candidate must presents his·her cursus (academic training and interships) as well as the thesis project: he·she must devote no more than two slides to his·her thesis project in order to hilight his·her cursus.

The jury is composed by members of the laboratories attached to the doctoral school and represents various themes. The auditions are addressed to a jury composed of physicists who are not specialists in the field of the thesis, please take it into account. (the composition of the jury is displayed on the jury page).

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Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Acalapati Madani Muhammad Ezra LPENS M. Policastro Giuseppe 83:Complexity and defects in the holographic correspondence Y
Alvez Canepa Anaclara LISN M. Furtlehner Cyril 186:Scale invariant neural networks and application to critical phenomena Y
Anempodistov Prokopii LPENS M. Kazakov Vladimir
M. Basso Benjamin
167:Study of quantum field theories and matrix models in the planar limit Y
Arkowitz Gregory IJM M. Ladoux Benoît 88:Mechanics of migrating epithelial tissues Y
Belzane Lucien LKB M. Glorieux Quentin
Mme Le Jeannic Hanna
123:Color centers in diamond nanophotonic waveguides for quantum computing Y
Bernard Paul GULLIVER M. Dauchot Olivier 33:Active Solids Y
Berthomier Julien UMPhy M. Anane Abdelmadjid
M. Lebrun Romain
215:Etude de condensats de magnons par microscopie NV Y
Blachier Baptiste LPENS M. Vennin Vincent 158:Observable consequences of quantum backreaction effects during Cosmic Inflation Y
Blavy Vincent LPENS M. Baudin Emmanuel 181:Électrodynamique quantique dans les transistors en graphène très hors équilibre Y
Boucher Oscar LKB Mme Guellati-Khelifa Saïda
M. Cladé Pierre
166:Frequency-Comb atom interferometry with ytterbium Y
Burekovic Sumeja SPEC M. Nardini Cesare 44:Controlling phase separation in active systems Y
Burenev Ivan LPTMS M. Majumdar Satya 128:Statistics of time-dependent transport observables in open stochastic systems Y
Cagnon Trouche Marina LPENS Mme Diederichs Carole 126:Individual perovskite nanocrystals as quantum light emitters Y
Calamier Camille MSC M. Fleury Vincent 223:Rôle des déformations visco-élastiques dans le remodelage vasculaire tumoral, études in vivo. Y
Cascaro Léa MSC M. Asnacios Atef 174:Mechanobiology of the root hair growth Y
Castedo Sebastian LPENS M. Monasson Rémi 196:Energetics of computation in artificial and natural neural networks Y
Cavallero Simone LPTMS M. Pavloff Nicolas 182:two dimensional quantum turbulence Y
Chapuis Antoine INSP Mme Voliotis Valia 96:Coupled quantum dots for integrated quantum photonics Y
Cheayto Camar INSP M. Trassinelli Martino 124:Investigation on the interaction between highly charged ions and surface magnetism Y
Ciavatta Alessandro IMPMC M. Paulatto Lorenzo 192:Ab initio search for novel thermoelectric materials Y
Corrège Baptiste LPENS M. Fauve Stephan
M. Pétrélis François
162:Génération de brouillard induit par un écoulement turbulent Y
De Simeone Italo Pio MPQ Mme Ducci Sara 152:On-chip engineering of frequency quantum states of light for quantum information Y
Decombe Dimitri IVISION M. Forget Benoit
M. Accanto Nicolo
210:Development of an optimal two-photon fiberscope for the optical study of the brain in freely moving animals Y
Despeignes Nino MSC M. Durand Marc 68:Fluctuations, organization and stability of active multicellular systems Y
Eswaran Karthik LPENS M. Alexakis Alexandros 64:Criticality in Geophysical Turbulence Y
Fayet Olivier LPS Orsay M. Piechon Frédéric
116:Topological 3D multifold semimetals beyond Weyl/Dirac semimetals Y
Ferté Benoît LPENS M. Cao Xiangyu
M. Rosso Alberto
100:Thermalization and emergence of classicality in many-body quantum systems Y
Fourcade Fabrice Nathan IPHT M. Valageas Patrick 73:Gravitational dynamics of scalar-field dark matter Y
Fournier Samantha IPHT M. Urbani Pierfrancesco 137:Statistical physics of learning in recurrent neural networks Y
Fruy Chloé LPENS M. Kontos Takis 119:Detection of axions with quantum magnonics Y
Gerbino Federico LPTMS M. Texier Christophe 207:Measurement-induced phase transitions in many-body quantum systems: exploring thermalisation, ergodicity breaking, and novel dynamical phases Y
Giorlandino Alessio LPENS Mme Cocco Simona 7:Reconstructing stochastic trajectories and transition path in complex landscapes from data: application to viral evolution Y
Grieco Alessandra IPHT M. Bena Iosif 171:Black Holes in String Theory Y
Grison Vincent LPTMC M. Dupuis Nicolas 84:Low-dimensional disordered Bose fluids Y
Hägi Dominik Fabian SPEC M. Bertet Patrice 183:Résonance Magnétique sur Molécule Unique Y
Holland Hugo IAS M. Grain Julien 110:Stochastic inflation beyond the leading order Y
Huon Emilie MSC M. Chevalier Nicolas 190:Comprendre l’hypercontractilité utérine dans l’endométriose Y
Jasser Barbara LPTMS M. Santachiara Raoul 18:Conformal field theories in statistical model Y
Journeaux Alexandre LKB M. Dalibard Jean
M. Lopes Raphael
3:Dipolar fermions in a bilayer geometry: towards the production of Stable Efimov trimers Y
Komaroff Diane PMMH M. Godoy-Diana Ramiro
M. Thiria Benjamin
179:Interaction des ondes de surface avec un réseau d’obstacles mobiles : applications à la conversion d’énergie de vagues Y
Kuchly Sébastien PMMH M. Eddi Antonin 191:Propagations d’ondes de surface dans une banquise fragmentée modèle Y
Lague Guillaume INSP M. Testelin Christophe 74:Spin properties in Free-Pb perovskite materials Y
Lamouret Quentin LPENS M. Kashani-Poor Amir-Kian 138:Non-perturbative studies in topological string theory Y
Le Du Hugo INSP M. Cren Tristan 209:Exploring Ising superconductivity and topological phases in dichalcogenides misfit compounds Y
Le Guen Alex PMMH M. Clément Éric 185:Behavioral chemotaxis Y
Manet Hugo IPHT M. Guitter Emmanuel 180:Décompositions bijectives universelles des surfaces discrètes et continues Y
Manset Paul LKB M. Heidmann Antoine
M. Deléglise Samuel
149:High-impedance superconducting circuits and hybrid mechanical systems Y
Matei Toma-Cristian IPHT Mme Pépin Catherine
Mme Bena Cristina
81:Matériaux topologiques et métaux étranges Y
Mazde Kratika IAP M. Peter Patrick 6:Internal clocks in quantum cosmology. Y
Mhammedi Nassim SYRTE M. Pereira Franck 54:Delta Kick Squeezing for Atom Interferometry beyond the Standard Quantum Limit Y
Morettini Gianluca LPTMS M. Mazza Leonardo
M. Fagotti Maurizio
147:Slow dynamics in closed quantum systems Y
Mosciatti Jofré Antonio Cosimo MSC M. Couturier Etienne 49:Is Lockhart’s growth law a predictive tool? Y
Nabil Reda LPS Orsay M. MESZAROS Andrej
M. Simon Pascal
115:Theoretical study of quantum bound states in Dirac materials Y
Nairabeze Alexandre GULLIVER M. Raphaël Élie 61:Vibrated granular flows on inclined planes Y
Noblet Thibault LPTMC M. Viot Pascal
Mme Messio Laura
50:Majorana Diagrammatics for Quantum Spin Liquids Y
Nouboussi Dongmo Florian LKB M. Indelicato Paul
Mme Paul Nancy
37:Fundamental tests through precision spectroscopy of muonic and antiprotonic atoms Y
Oliveira Lefundes Gabriel IPHT Mme Serban Didina
M. Kostov Ivan
150:Fonctions de corrélation pour les théories de jauge intégrables en quatre dimensions Y
Paraskevopoulou Antonia Eirini LPTHE M. Benakli Karim 72:Effective Theories, Dark Universe and the Swampland Y
Pepin Mathis LKB M. Gleyzes Sébastien 10:QND measurement of a circular Rydberg atom of Strontium Y
Poisson Arthur IAP M. Renaux-Petel Sebastien 200:Probing cosmological inflation: precision physics, exploratory physics, and formal aspects Y
Raj Rishi LPTHE M. Pioline Boris 144:Trous noirs BPS et invariants de Donaldson-Thomas Y
Romano Marcello IPHT M. Bellazzini Brando 104:Effective Field Theories via Consistency Conditions Y
Sahu Sankarshan LPTMC M. Delamotte Bertrand 129:Généralisations du théorème central limite à des systèmes fortement corrélés Y
Samioti Kyriaki LPS Orsay M. Marsi Marino 131:Quantum confinement and out-of-equilibrium electron dynamics Y
Seguigne Paul LCPMR M. Pruvost Laurence 122:Intrication à plusieurs qbits : vortex optiques et mélange à 4 ondes spontané Y
Shiralieva Aisel LPEM M. De’Medici Luca 214:Electronic Correlations Driven by Magnetocrystalline Anisotropies Y
Simonetti Maria Grazia MPQ M. Paul Indranil 135:Interlay of Rashba coupling and electronic interaction in unconventional superconductors Y
Tosca Jacopo MPQ M. Ciuti Cristiano 82:Theory of Ising machines based on multi-mode quantum optical systems Y
Vacher Elise PCC M. Silberzan Pascal 154:Cell monolayers: From active polar fluids to active elastic solids Y
Wang Qinhan LPENS M. Chevy Frédéric 103:Dynamics of strongly correlated Quasi 1D fermionic systems Y
Yarwick Joseph IJCLab M. Wallon Samuel 227:Reaching the precision frontier of gluonic saturation through the QCD shock-wave approach Y
Zeroual Hafsa LPS Orsay M. Bert Fabrice
M. Kermarrec Edwin
205:Quantum Spin Liquid Materials with a Kagome Lattice Y

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Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Akarapipattana Pawat LPTMS M. Lenz Martin 234:Elucidating the role of particle deformation in shaping frustrated aggregates
Al Halaby Raghed SPEC M. Barrett Nicholas 5:Hafnium Oxide Ferroelectric Films: from fundamental understanding to optimized, low power device integration
Athènes Gabriel LPENS Mme Walczak Aleksandra
M. Mora Thierry
30:Machine learning and statistical inference based prediction of immune receptors that recognise pathogens
Barbier Léo-Paul GULLIVER Mme Reyssat Mathilde 176:Nage de Gouttes auto-propulsées : contrôle et interactions
Becht Dunstan LKB M. Indelicato Paul 40:Acceleration of Atomic and Nuclear Structure Codes via Artificial Intelligence
Bek Khoshnevis Mohammad Hossein LPENS M. Troost Jan 31:Holography, Conformal Field Theory and Supersymmetry
Bek Khoshnevis Mohammad Hossein LPTMS M. Santachiara Raoul 18:Conformal field theories in statistical model
Benizri Lior LPENS M. Troost Jan 31:Holography, Conformal Field Theory and Supersymmetry
Berland Salomé LPS Orsay M. Poulard Christophe 87:Understanding the debonding criterion of a microscopic fibril of soft polymer
Bernabeu Lou SPEC M. Girit Caglar 46:Strong Light Matter Interaction in a Superconducting Mesoscopic Circuit
Bernard Maximilien LPENS M. Le Doussal Pierre
M. Rosso Alberto
133:Fluctuations dans la croissance stochastiques d’interfaces et de populations
Bouchereau Yann LKB M. Treps Nicolas
M. Walschaers Mattia
80:Intrication non-gaussienne avec des peignes de fréquences optiques
Bouckaert William UMPhy M. Cros Vincent
M. Reyren Nicolas
75:Magnetic textures as information carriers: Creation and control
Chatziantoniou Yorgos GULLIVER Mme Berthoumieux Hélène 211:Étude théorique du fonctionnement des mitochondries : Comment le couplage entre confinement et transport assure-t-il l’efficacité de cet organelle ?
Chitti Hamid LPS Orsay M. Marsi Marino 131:Quantum confinement and out-of-equilibrium electron dynamics
Cipi Greis LPS Orsay M. Rohart Stanislas 225:Topological conversion between domain walls and skyrmions in magnetic circuits
Covolo Antoine JEIP M. Ourjoumtsev Alexei 36:Quantum engineering of light with intracavity Rydberg superatoms
Croquette Samuel IL M. Lemoult Fabrice
Mme Prada Claire
59:Elastic Waves in Soft Matter: from spatio-temporal wave control to cochlear physics
Daix Cyprien LKB M. Gerbier Fabrice
M. Yefsah Tarik
201:Quantum Simulation of Fermionic Matter at the Single-Atom Level
Descamps Eloi MPQ Mme Milman Perola
M. Keller Arne
57:Temps et fréquence comme variables continues quantiques
Domenach Lucile INSP Mme Maître Agnès 86:Nanosources quantiques plasmoniques en couplage fort
Dumesnil Clément LPENS M. Cao Xiangyu
M. Rosso Alberto
100:Thermalization and emergence of classicality in many-body quantum systems
El Hajhouj Abdelghafour LPTMS M. Rosso Alberto 130:Bayesian Neural Networks for Boltzmann-Gibbs Distribution Generative Modelling
Fauvarque Priscille SPEC Mme Rountree Cindy
Mme Chomat Laure
19:Stress corrosion behaviour of mesostructured glass phase separation
Fronda Clara LPENS Mme Sykes Cécile 139:How cytoskeletal forces trigger nucleus activation during confined cell motility
Granier Julia IVISION Mme Grieve Kate 229:Clinical use of full field optical coherence tomography
Kaczmarczuk Benoit SYRTE M. Pereira Franck 55:Modelling Quantum Sensors for Geodesy
Keseman Theo IAP M. Peter Patrick 6:Internal clocks in quantum cosmology.
Khan Azra MPQ M. Barraud Clément
M. Lafarge Philippe
58:Charge and spin transport through 2D van der Waals heterostructures inserted in cavity
Kple N'goran Paul LPS Orsay M. Aprili Marco 220:Electrodynamique d’un supraconducteur désordonné : Etude du mode de Higgs-Anderson.
Lemercier Adrien SRMP M. Bechade Jean-Luc 235:Carbures dans les aciers ferritiques : thermodynamique, précipitation et impact sur les propriétés mécaniques
Lopez Adrien SPEC Mme Dubrulle Bérengère 85:SOBER SIMULATIONS OF CLIMATE BIFURCATIONS: thermohaline Circulation
Marché Alice LPTMS M. Mazza Leonardo 146:The quantum Zeno effect in a lossy SU(N) atomic gas
Marliere Nathan SYRTE M. Landragin Arnaud
M. Geiger Rémi
60:Quantum metrology: pushing the frontier with a cold-atom gyroscope
Martin Simon LPENS M. Biroli Giulio 156:Machine Learning and Statistical Physics
Mehrabian Terlexis Malcolm LPENS Mme Sykes Cécile 139:How cytoskeletal forces trigger nucleus activation during confined cell motility
Merolle Alix LKB M. Glorieux Quentin 197:Fluides de lumière 1D dans un milieu atomique résonant.
Michaud Juliette PMMH Mme Elias Florence 178:Mousses marines naturelles ultra-stables
Noé Suchel LPENS M. Fernandes Paulos Miguel 216:Non-perturbative and bootstrap methods in Quantum Field Theory
Pagot Louis SYRTE M. Pereira Franck
M. Sidorenkov Leonid
56:Quantum Control for Atom Interferometry
Paparelle Iris Michela Anna LKB Mme Parigi Valentina 99:Pulse by pulse and frequency multiplexed quantum states for CV protocols
Paty Lilian IJM Mme Leduc Cécile 24:Structure and mechanics of composite cytoskeletal networks
Rodriguez Sanchez Luis Paulino LPS Orsay M. Aprili Marco
Mme Palacio-Morales Alexandra
195:Quantum dynamics of a single spin on a superconductor
Rosset Lorenzo LPENS M. Zamponi Francesco 25:Synergizing data-driven models and high-throughput experiments to understand protein function and evolution
Roux Paul LPENS M. Jacobsen Jesper
M. Ribault Sylvain
125:Amorçage conforme et modèles de boucles
S Abhirami IPHT Mme Pépin Catherine
Mme Bena Cristina
81:Matériaux topologiques et métaux étranges
S Abhirami SPEC M. Flurin Emmanuel
M. Bertet Patrice
Savic Nikola IPHT M. Vernizzi Filippo 112:Fundamental physics with gravitational waves
They Alexandre IVISION Mme Emiliani Valentina
Mme Papagiakoumou Eirini
111:Three-photon excitation strategies for all-optical neuronal circuits investigation in-depth
Tohme Tarek LPENS Mme Walczak Aleksandra
M. Mora Thierry
M. Vergassola Massimo
233:Precision of dynamic gene regulation
Usciati Romain LPTMS M. Santachiara Raoul
M. Santachiara Raoul
222:Analytic continuation of Conformal Field theories
Varshney Manalee IAP M. Peter Patrick 6:Internal clocks in quantum cosmology.
Veillon Alexandre C2N M. Pierre Frédéric
Mme Anthore Anne
136:Exploring Anyons Quasiparticles in Quantum Circuits
Westphal Lea LLB Mme Porcher Florence 38:Optimisation des électrolytes pour les batteries Li-ion – Ordre à courte et longue portée dans les esters de carbonates cycliques
Yang Hankun LKB M. Barbosa De Aguiar Hilton 177:Compressive Raman microspectroscopy of transient states in battery materials