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Application Process

In order to enroll in the doctoral school, you must have a PhD advisor who agrees to supervise the thesis, a research project, and sufficient funding, which must be provided either by an external agency or by the research group or by the doctoral school itself. The funding from French institutions can not be lower than the French nationally defined amount for doctoral candidates (monthly net amount about 1422 €). In cases where the funding is lower than this amount, the research group is required to find additional funding to reach the required limit.

Before the student’s application, the PhD proposal has to be uploaded on the proposal submission pages by the advisor.

Whatever the planned funding source, you have to:

  1. Fill in the online application form, and choose the pre-proposed PhD project. You will then receive an e-mail containing a personal link.
  2. Provide the following documents electronically (in PDF format):
    1. ID card or passport
    2. CV (resume)
    3. Transcript of your master's courses, including grades
    4. Reference letters by the advisors of your previous internships
    5. Reference letter of the considered PhD advisor
    6. Possibly, up to 3 recommendation letters (at maximum)
    7. If you have your own funding (other than ED’s CD), the financing plan and supporting documents for your envisioned source of funding. Provide the following documents in digital format (as PDF files) that must be uploaded on to the website by using the personal link provided in the acknowledgement email.
  3. The (not mandatory) reference letters and confidential assessments must be sent by their authors via e-mail to clickme
  4. If you have your own funding (other than CD ED, CDSN, CDSX or CSC) and if you apply to a PhD project in University Paris-Saclay, you have to be interviewed (10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes of questions) by an admission committee of at least 2 senior researchers from the ED (the thesis supervisor cannot be one of these 2 persons). This interview has to be organized by your supervisor.  A report should be filled by the committee (the form can be downloaded here: PV d'audition), and sent by email to clickme ?>

Applications for PhD projects starting in

Selection of candidates for an audition

The candidates selected for an audition are listed in the first table below.

Competition applicants not selected for an audition will no longer appear on this page, but if they have other funding, will be able to change their application.

The auditions will take place on Monday, 14thJune, Tuesday, 15thJune and Wednesday, 16thJune 2021 by vidéoconférence (Zoom).

Selected candidates will receive by e-mail, approximately 15 days in advance, their date and time of passage, as well as their number of sub-jury and videoconference address.

Audition format: The audition lasts fifteen minutes, including a 10-minute presentation and about 5 minutes of questions. The candidate must presents his·her cursus (academic training and interships) as well as the thesis project: he·she must devote no more than two slides to his·her thesis project in order to hilight his·her cursus.

The jury is composed by members of the laboratories attached to the doctoral school and represents various themes. The auditions are addressed to a jury composed of physicists who are not specialists in the field of the thesis, please take it into account. (the composition of the jury is displayed on the jury page).

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Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Abbate Maria Francesca LPTMS M. Franz Silvio 254:Jamming criticality in resource allocation models Y
Alline Thomas MSC M. Asnacios Atef 74:Mechanobiology of the root hair Y
Barbero Andrea MPQ M. Alloyeau Damien
M. Nelayah Jaysen
32:Synthesis, structural and catalytic properties of high-entropy nano-alloys Y
Barlet Antoine SPEC M. Daviaud François 147:Stochasticité spontanée et singularités en turbulence Y
Berkane Morgan LCPMR M. Caillat Jérémie
M. Lévêque Camille
211:Couplages vibroniques dans les dynamiques de photoémission moléculaire : Théorie et simulations d’expériences de spectroscopie attoseconde Y
Blaess Céline SPEC M. Barbier Antoine 92:Films minces d’oxynitrures multiferroïques pour une opto-spintronique intégrée Y
Boudet Charles SPEC M. Roche Patrice
M. Roulleau Preden
222:Single-electron interferometry experiments in graphene Y
Bremaud Louis LPTMS M. Ullmo Denis 11:Mean Field Game description of virus propagation Y
Cassol Francesco IMPMC M. Casula Michele 233:Including non-local correlations in the simulation of electronic properties of quantum materials Y
Caussou Dit Lous Lucille INSP Mme Voliotis Valia 179:Manipulating 2D excitons in atomic monolayers Y
Charry Angelo LJP M. Nizak Clément
M. Rivoire Olivier
187:Model-driven Directed Evolution Y
Chassereau Thibault LIED M. Halloy José
M. Herbert Eric
252:Approche thermodynamique hors d'équilibre de la production de puissance dans les systèmes vivants Y
Chibani Léa LKB M. Barbosa De Aguiar Hilton 192:Super-resolution coherent Raman microspectroscopy Y
Ciliberto Giorgio LPTMS M. Pavloff Nicolas 7:Rayonnement de Hawking dans les systèmes analogues Y
Corti Claudia IL M. Bidault Sébastien 96:Strong-coupling between a single emitter and plasmonic nanocubes using DNA Y
De La Sen Andrea PMMH Mme Lindner Anke 185:Chiral microparticle transport Y
Debavelaere Clément LKB Mme Guellati-Khelifa Saïda
M. Cladé Pierre
183:Interférométrie atomique avec un peigne de fréquences Y
Delzescaux Louise LPTMC M. Mouhanna Dominique 163:Perturbative and non perturbative approaches to polymerized membranes Y
Despons Armand GULLIVER M. Lacoste David 122:Adaptation and growth in uncertain environments Y
Dilly Émilien MSC M. Zanchi Drazen
M. Derr Julien
73:Biomécanique des vrilles Y
Dobler Maud PMMH M. Bico José 159:Instabilités de front d’adhésion Y
Dommanget-Kott Mattéo LJP M. Bormuth Volker 230:Développement de Machines de Boltzmann restreintes comme modèles génériques, génératifs, et interpretable du cerveau de la larve de poisson zèbre Y
Drapier Derwell LKB M. Hilico Laurent
Mme Douillet Albane
15:Sympathetic laser cooling of the pair 88Sr+/9Be+ in an ion trap: an experimental simulation of the trapping and cooling of antimatter ions (GBAR experiment) Y
Ferdinand Léonard IJCLab M. Rivasseau Vincent 31:Théorie tensorielle des champs et équations différentielles stochastiques Y
Francisco Enzo SPEC M. Aumaitre Sébastien
M. Gallet Basile
97:Boundary layers and dissipation measurements in free-surface and turbulent flows Y
Gallo--Frantz Antoine LPS Orsay M. Le Bolloc’h David
M. Jacques Vincent
176:Biaxial Strain Control of Electronic Properties of quasi-2D Materials Y
Gargasson Adam MSC M. Callan-Jones Andrew 145:How nematic order interacts with curvature of living surfaces Y
Ghimenti Federico MSC M. Van Wijland Frédéric 63:Glassiness and chaotic dynamics in high space dimension Y
Gourmandie Vincent MSC M. Leroy Valentin
Mme Derec Caroline
144:Méthodes acoustiques pour la dynamique haute fréquence de fluides complexes Y
Guigue Quentin LJP M. Prevost Alexis
Mme Pontani Léa-Laetitia
234:Self-organization of tissues probed with biomimetic emulsions Y
Guillen Anthony LPTHE M. Antoniadis Ignatios 61:Challenges in supersymmetric theories of fields and strings Y
Guilloux Victor INSP M. Legrand Laurent
M. Barisien Thierry
164:Optoelectronic properties investigations in perovskite nanostructures of "the new generation" Y
Guinebretiere Octave IL M. Popoff Sebastien
M. Goetschy Arthur
237:Unveiling statistical correlations in scattering media using artificial neural networks Y
Gurel Utku Yekta LPS Orsay M. Foffi Giuseppe
M. Smallenburg Frank
223:Consequences of charge generation and fluctuation in bio-soft matter Y
Haurie Louis IPHT Mme Pépin Catherine 50:Charge order and surface states in Cuprate superconductors Y
Henaff Johan LKB Mme Parigi Valentina 188:Complex quantum Networks for quantum machine learning protocols Y
Hernandez Lopez Claudio LPENS M. Vergassola Massimo 141:Physique du développement embryonnaire Y
Hersent Kilian IJCLab M. Wallet Jean-Christophe 135:Quantum Gravity and Quantum Space-times: From theoretical aspects to multi-messenger tests Y
Jabbour Léa MSC Mme Gazeau Florence
Mme Brun Amanda
227:Human lung regeneration via turbulence induced stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles in lung injury related to COVID-19 Y
Khatla Wissem-Eddine PMMH M. Reyssat Étienne 200:Ecoulements modèles de films minces géo-inspirés Y
Klemenchuk Sueiro Arthur LPENS M. Kazakov Vladimir
M. Basso Benjamin
110:Study of large N limit in matrix models and quantum field theories Y
Koechler Jordan LPTHE M. Cirelli Marco 3:Phenomenology of Dark Matter Indirect Detection Y
Lefeuvre Jules LPS Orsay M. Deblock Richard 162:Revealing topological helical edge states in the second order topological insulator BiBr Y
Lespinas Alexis MPQ M. Gallais Yann 148:Static and dynamical control of quantum materials Y
Magro Valentin Jeunes Équipes C M. Ourjoumtsev Alexei 132:Quantum Engineering of Light using Cold Interacting Atoms Y
Maguin Cécile PCC Mme Bassereau Patricia
Mme Bertin Aurélie
M. Tsai Feng-Ching
243:Mechanisms of actin-driven membrane fission Y
Manso Castillo Enrique MSC M. Ponton Alain 253:Carbon dots-based composites for environmental applications Y
Meskine Othmane MPQ Mme Ducci Sara 206:Semiconductor sources of quantum states of light at room temperature: from fundamental studies to applications in quantum information protocols Y
Michel Laura LPENS M. Léchenault Frédéric 22:Modal control and mechanical memory manipulation using unsupervised machine learning Y
Moueddene Leïla MPQ M. Orso Giuliano 16:Anderson localization of disordered quantum systems Y
Nguyen Danh Phuong MPQ M. Ciuti Cristiano 146:Theory of cavity-controlled 2D electronic materials Y
Novkoski Filip MSC M. Falcon Eric 112:Dynamique d'ondes non linéaires à la surface d'un tore de fluide Y
Ozeir Karim INSP M. Testelin Christophe 182:Matériaux pérovskites pour la spintronique Y
Pallegoix Louis SPEC M. Bertet Patrice
M. Flurin Emmanuel
239:Détection d'un spin unique par comptage de photons micro-ondes Y
Patil Nirbhay LPENS M. Nadal Jean-Pierre 256:The determinants of wealth dynamics: is there an acceptable level of inequalities? Y
Poulain Constance LKB M. Reichel Jakob
M. Long Romain
229:Cavity-mediated long-range interactions for multiparticle entanglement and quantum simulation Y
Rapisarda Federico LPENS M. Voisin Christophe
M. Chassagneux Yannick
84:Deep sub-wavelength dielectric cavities for cavity quantum electrodynamics with nano-emitters. Y
Raux Paul LIED M. Goupil Christophe
M. Verley Gatien
M. Herbert Eric
58:Conversion processes in thermodynamics and chemistry Y
Régnier Louise PCC M. Hajj Bassam 213:Single-molecule super-resolution imaging in reversibly cryo-arrested cells Y
Reyes-Matte Octavio LJP Mme Bonneau Stéphanie 38:Early stages of Huntington disease: Spatiotemporal co-ordination of cell reprogramming Y
Reynier Benoît INSP M. Mivelle Mathieu 157:NonLinear processes mediated by the optical magnetic field Y
Riehm Ornella LPS Orsay M. Rozenberg Marcelo 130:Brain-machine-interfaces with spiking neural networks Y
Ritz-Zwilling Anna LPTMC M. Fuchs Jean-Noël
M. Vidal Julien
78:Modèle de Kitaev sur nid d’abeille sous champ magnétique et boucles de Wegner-Wilson pour les modèles de string-nets Y
Roll Antoine LLB M. Petit Sylvain 26:Glace de spin couplée à un bain de phonons Y
Schoenit Andreas IJM M. Ladoux Benoît 140:Biomechanics of cell extrusion Y
Simon Florian LPS Orsay M. Goerbig Mark-Oliver 186:Search for Berry-curvature enhanced superconductivity in 2D materials Y
Sintès Guillaume GULLIVER Mme Lopez-Leon Teresa 184:Dynamic self-assembly of bacteria in living liquid crystals Y
Sobnath Karen MPQ M. Mallet François
M. Barraud Clément
199:Pure spin pumping in 2d van der Waals materials Y
Sparfel Julien LPENS M. Wiese Kay 181:Logarithmic Field Theories, Bootstrap Y
Tripier-Mondancin Niels LKB M. Treps Nicolas 98:Quantum frequency combs for quantum information protocols Y
Ver Hulst Henri PCC M. Martin Pascal
M. Blanch-Mercader Carles
102:Sound detection and emission by coupled critical oscillators Y
Wu Jiaming LPS Orsay M. Rozenberg Marcelo 127:Ring attractors in recurrent spiking neural networks Y
Wu-Vignolo Alexandre MPQ M. Repain Vincent
Mme Bellec Amandine
69:Magnetic chirality at ferromagnet/molecule interfaces Y
Żukowski Stanisław MSC Mme Cornelissen Annemiek 56:Reconnections in morphogenesis of spatial networks Y
Zyskind Clara SYRTE M. Bize Sébastien 151:Optical lattice clock using bosonic isotopes of mercury Y

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Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Aggoun Anis IVISION M. Tessier Gilles
M. Berto Pascal
219:Thermal wavefront shaping and applications to micro-endoscopy
Anger Lucas IJM M. Ladoux Benoît 139:Impact of physical constraints on wound healing
Blanc Alexandre Pasteur-UBC M. Masson Jean-Baptiste
M. Vestergaard Christian
137:Learning functional representation of greedy decision making in complex environments
Brunat Tristan IPHT Mme Serban Didina
M. Kostov Ivan
45:Correlation function in integrable four dimension gauge theories
Brunnett Frederic Paul UMPhy M. Seneor Pierre
M. Dlubak Bruno
171:spintronique à base d’heterostructures de matériaux 2D et 2D ferromagnétiques
Butano Matteo LPTMS M. Ullmo Denis 10:Mean Field Game description of Pedestrian Dynamics
Camilli Francesco LPENS M. Mézard Marc 260:Scaling limits in disordered Statistical Mechanics
Cao Yadian LPS Orsay M. Rozenberg Marcelo 127:Ring attractors in recurrent spiking neural networks
Chaigne Martin MSC M. Berhanu Michael 111:Érosion par dissolution à grand nombre de Reynolds : hydrodynamique et morphogenèse
Clement Grégoire GULLIVER M. Labousse Matthieu
M. McGraw Joshua
190:MimeCodr: A new microfluidic strategy for metamaterials
Cohen Camille MSC M. Leroy Valentin 119:Caractérisation acoustique de milieux bulleux concentrés
Collazuol Veronica IPHT Mme Grana Mariana 264:Géométrie, dualités et le paysage des cordes
Coquinot Baptiste LPENS M. Bocquet Lydéric 177:Transport fluidique aux nanoéchelles et électro-hydrodynamique quantique
Costa Guillaume SPEC Mme Dubrulle Bérengère 81:Is irreversibility a phase transition in turbulence ?
Cœuret Cauquil Guillaume LKB M. Dotsenko Igor 202:Control of the spontaneous emission of circular Rydberg atoms for a quantum simulator
Daniel Florentin LPENS M. Gissinger Christophe 209:Energy transformations in astrophysical hydrodynamic systems
De Labbey Ghislain CIRB M. Turlier Hervé
M. Joanny Jean-François
126:Effets du renouvellement sur les propriétés mécaniques des réseaux d'actomyosine
Delloye Louis LKB M. Gigan Sylvain 178:Optical Machine Learning in complex media
Demri Noam PCC Mme Wilhelm Claire 138:Combined magnetic and structural approaches for cardiac and skeletal muscle tissue bioengineering
Di Ubaldo Gabriele IPHT Mme Grana Mariana
Mme Grana Mariana
M. Perlmutter Eric
275:Modern Techniques in Gravity and the Structure of Holographic Conformal Field Theories
Dinelli Alberto MSC M. Tailleur Julien 217:Self-organization of active mixtures
Dixmerias Maxime LKB M. Yefsah Tarik 116:Quantum Simulation of Impurity Problems with Single-Atom Imaging and Control
Don Jayamanne Jérôme IL M. Carminati Rémi
M. Pierrat Romain
172:Etude d’un nuage de particules micrométriques issu de la face arrière d’une plaque métallique soumise à un choc
Drapier Derwell MPQ M. Guidoni Luca 257:Hybrid ion trapping devices: surface ion traps with integrated waveguides for steering and collecting light
Duval Louis LKB M. Indelicato Paul 150:X-ray metrology for astrophysical and fundamental physics applications
Etienne-Simonetti Alice LPS Orsay Mme Rio Emmanuelle
M. Restagno Frédéric
266:Etude de la régénération marginale
Falque Kévin LKB M. Bramati Alberto 218:Analog Gravity in polariton superfluids
Faure Rémi IPHT M. Lavignac Stéphane 40:Neutrinos, electroweak symmetry breaking and the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe
Faure Rémi IPHT M. Lavignac Stéphane 40:Neutrinos, electroweak symmetry breaking and the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe
Faure Rémi IPHT M. Lavignac Stéphane 40:Neutrinos, electroweak symmetry breaking and the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe
Frigerio Elric LPENS M. Berroir Jean-Marc
M. Berroir Jean-Marc
208:Edge magnetoplasmon resonators
Frigerio Elric LPENS M. Berroir Jean-Marc
M. Bocquillon Erwann
189:Supraconductivité topologique dans les canaux de bord des effets Hall quantique et quantique de spin
Fu Hao LERMA M. Te Yao
M. Janssen Christof
277:Towards a combined NDACC/TCCON site at Paris for integrated climate and air quality studies above a European megacity
Gerashchenko Kyrylo LKB M. Heidmann Antoine
M. Deléglise Samuel
258:Quantum control of an ultra-coherent mechanical resonator with a fluxonium qubit
Ghazouani Gharbi Oussama SPEC M. Roche Patrice
M. Altimiras Carles
118:Anti-bunched photons from Pauli exclusion principle
Hare Jean LKB M. Hare Jean 1:Essai de nouveau sujet pour la campagne de recritemment 2021
Hounkpe Nounassou Vincent LPENS M. Biroli Giulio 20:Machine Learning & Statistical Physics
Iqbal Usama LPENS M. Todorov Yanko 35:Quantum Detectors in the Ultra-Strong Light-Matter Coupling Regime
Jacquet Pierre-Edouard LKB M. Cohadon Pierre-François 67:Frequency-dependent squeezed light to beat the Standard Quantum Limit
Jawahar Anumita PCC M. Coppey Mathieu 109:Single-to-collective transition in cell migration
Jolly Mariette INSP Mme Lamour Émily
M. Prigent Christophe
105:Study of many-body dynamics in ion-ion collisions: a joint experimental and theoretical investigation
Joly Marie INSP Mme Voliotis Valia
M. Garcia Sanchez Daniel
129:Realizing arbitrary quantum operations on a mechanical oscillator
Klach Tahani MSC M. Leroy Valentin 119:Caractérisation acoustique de milieux bulleux concentrés
Klach Ghofran MSC M. Limat Laurent
Mme Lerouge Sandra
M. Roché Matthieu
131:Hydrodynamique des rideaux liquides courts pour le dépôt par enduction
Klach Ghofrane MSC M. Limat Laurent
Mme Lerouge Sandra
M. Roché Matthieu
131:Hydrodynamique des rideaux liquides courts pour le dépôt par enduction
Kraidy Fulgence LPEM M. Behnia Kamran
M. Fauqué Benoît
30:Hydrodynamics of quasi-particles
Kuiate David IJCLab M. Rivasseau Vincent 31:Théorie tensorielle des champs et équations différentielles stochastiques
Lecoeur Nicolas IJCLab M. Charmousis Christos
M. Babichev Evgeny
80:Compact objects in modified gravity theories and observations
Legenkaia Mariia LPENS M. Monasson Rémi 226:Circuits neuronaux et rétroaction attentionnelle dans les cortex sensoriels de la souris : des enregistrements de l'activité aux mécanismes computationnels
Lenets Vladimir IL M. Lerosey Geoffroy
M. Fink Mathias
M. Lemoult Fabrice
36:Electronically reconfigurable metasurfaces for smart environments and enhanced wireless communications
Lizee Mathieu LPENS M. Siria Alessandro 101:Experimental study of hydro-electronic friction
Llauze Thomas IL Mme Louchet-Chauvet Anne 114:Miroir optique à retournement temporel de signaux radiofréquence
Madec Elise MSC Mme Brun Amanda 261:Etude multiparamétrique de la caractérisation du sécrétome produit par turbulence : lien entre identité, pureté et activité thérapeutique
Medzi Ngandono Amandine Milène LJP M. Biais Nicolas 195:Mechanophysiology of Bacterial Microcolonies
Menouni Sarah UMPhy M. Villegas Javier 271:Spin transport and ultrafast dynamics in unconventional superconductors
Mezidi Manel MPQ M. Sacuto Alain
M. Gallais Yann
12:Exploration du diagramme de Phase des cuprates supraconducteurs par des mesures combinées de spectroscopie optique et de transport thermique
Mintsa Sandrine IJCLab M. Rivasseau Vincent 31:Théorie tensorielle des champs et équations différentielles stochastiques
Mintsa Sandrine GULLIVER M. Royall Christopher Patrick
M. Smallenburg Frank
9:Colloid Nucleation: the "second-biggest discrepancy in physics"
Mion Delphine LPENS M. Pincet Frédéric 248:Millisecond kinetics of calcium evoked fusion on asymmetric suspended membranes
Mitsios Dimitrios IPHT M. Eynard Bertrand 123:Geometry, integrable systems, topological recursion, resurgence
Mouet Valentin LPENS M. Pétrélis François 242:Turbulence en milieu diphasique
Muraz Baptiste LKB M. Gleyzes Sébastien
M. Brune Michel
173:Laser cooling of circular Rydberg atom of Strontium
Peria Matteo IMPMC M. Casula Michele 232:Machine Learning by stochastic approaches: application to water clusters
Phan Nhat Tan LPS Orsay M. Rozenberg Marcelo 127:Ring attractors in recurrent spiking neural networks
Piquard Colin C2N M. Pierre Frédéric
Mme Anthore Anne
269:Entropy in Engineered Quantum Systems
Proto Yann LPTHE M. Israel Dan 169:Géométrie des compactifications hétérotiques
Rahimi Mehrdad MPQ Mme Della Rocca Maria Luisa 44:Engineering 2D materials for energy conversion at nanoscale
Razafinimanana Marie LPENS M. Pincet Frédéric 249:Can liquid crystals drive the assembly of the Golgi Apparatus?
Régnier Léo LPTMC M. Benichou Olivier
M. Dolgushev Maxim
263:Marcheur aléatoire affamé et statistique temporelle d’exploration
Requier Alice LPS Orsay Mme Salonen Anniina
Mme Rio Emmanuelle
24:Foam coarsening without gravity
Rezaei Mohammad LKB M. Brune Michel
M. Sayrin Clément
4:Quantum simulations with laser-trapped circular Rydberg atoms
Ruelle Mélanie LPENS M. Fève Gwendal
M. Berroir Jean-Marc
168:Statistics of anyons in quantum Hall conductors
Saighi Paul LPS Orsay M. Rozenberg Marcelo 127:Ring attractors in recurrent spiking neural networks
Senart José LPEM M. Lobo Ricardo
M. Zimmers Alexandre
201:Towards neuromorphic computing on quantum many-body architectures
Seow Vui Yin LJP M. Biais Nicolas 197:Type IV pili and DNA transformation in Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
Tazaïrt Lise LPS Orsay M. Simon Pascal 154:Harnessing topological properties of 2D materials with a strong light-matter coupling
Theret Aurélien C2N M. Mailly Dominique
M. Schopfer Félicien
259:Quantum Hall effects in Dirac materials for quantum electrical metrology
Théry Arnaud LPENS M. Kontos Takis 107:Magnonique hybride pour la détection de matière noire
Thorey Maxence LIED M. Royon Laurent 76:Métamatériaux pour le refroidissement radiatif et la collecte d’eau de rosée
Thouvenot Elliot PCC Mme Wilhelm Claire
Mme Brun Amanda
152:Bioingénierie magnétique (production, chargement, ciblage) de vésicules extracellulaires pour la thérapie anti-cancéreuse
Werth Denis IAP M. Peter Patrick
M. Renaux-Petel Sebastien
99:New probes of inflation: from the cosmological collider to gravitational wave cosmology
Zafar Talha C2N M. Ouerghi Abdelkarim
M. Girard Jean-Christophe
180:Electron and spin properties at the interface of epitaxial heterostructures probed by cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy
Zafar Talha INSP Mme Voliotis Valia 179:Manipulating 2D excitons in atomic monolayers
Zhan Che MSC M. Leroy Valentin 100:Ultrasonic detection of nanobubbles