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Application Process

In order to enroll in the doctoral school, you must have a PhD advisor who agrees to supervise the thesis, a research project, and sufficient funding, which must be provided either by an external agency or by the research group or by the doctoral school itself. The funding from French institutions can not be lower than the French nationally defined amount for doctoral candidates (monthly net amount about 1422 €). In cases where the funding is lower than this amount, the research group is required to find additional funding to reach the required limit.

Before the student’s application, the PhD proposal has to be uploaded on the proposal submission pages by the advisor.

Whatever the planned funding source, you have to:

  1. Fill in the online application form, and choose the pre-proposed PhD project. You will then receive an e-mail containing a personal link.
  2. Provide the following documents electronically (in PDF format):
    1. ID card or passport
    2. CV (resume)
    3. Transcript of your master's courses, including grades
    4. If you have your own funding (other than ED’s CD), the financing plan and supporting documents for your envisioned source of funding.
    These document that must be uploaded on to the website by using the personal link provided in the acknowledgement email.
  3. The (possible) letters of recommendation and confidential appreciations will be directly uploaded by their authors. The most relevant referees are the advisors of your possible previous research interships.
  4. If you have your own funding (other than CD ED, CDSN, CDSX or CSC) and if you apply to a PhD project in University Paris-Saclay, you have to be interviewed (10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes of questions) by an admission committee of at least 2 senior researchers from the ED (the thesis supervisor cannot be one of these 2 persons). This interview has to be organized by your supervisor.  A report should be filled by the committee (the form can be downloaded here: PV d'audition), and sent by email to clickme

Applications for PhD projects starting in

Submission of applications for the campaign 2022 is open starting on Tuesday, 11thJanuary, 2022

Selection of candidates for an audition

The candidates selected for an audition are listed in the first table below.

Competition applicants not selected for an audition will no longer appear on this page, but if they have other funding, will be able to change their application through their file submission page.

The auditions will take place on Tuesday, 7thJune, Wednesday, 8thJune and Thursday, 9thJune 2022.

Selected candidates will receive by e-mail, approximately 15 days in advance, their date and time of passage, as well as their number of sub-jury and videoconference address.

Audition format: The audition lasts fifteen minutes, including a 10-minute presentation and about 5 minutes of questions. The candidate must presents his·her cursus (academic training and interships) as well as the thesis project: he·she must devote no more than two slides to his·her thesis project in order to hilight his·her cursus.

The jury is composed by members of the laboratories attached to the doctoral school and represents various themes. The auditions are addressed to a jury composed of physicists who are not specialists in the field of the thesis, please take it into account. (the composition of the jury is displayed on the jury page).

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Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Name Lab Advisor(s) SubjectAudition
Abetian Charbel LPTMS Mme Terras Véronique 38:Boundary effects in quantum integrable open spin chains: equilibrium and out of equilibrium dynamics Y
Agin Diyar LPTHE M. Goodsell Mark
M. Fuks Benjamin
205:Generic Phenomenology Y
Alfaro Miranda Greivin LPTHE Mme Cugliandolo Leticia
M. Tarzia Marco
167:Thermalization in classical and quantum systems Y
Antezak Alexandre ISMO M. Santander Andres 1:Novel electronic states and exotic phase transitions in correlated electron systems Y
Antony Edward Raj Jeyaraj SPEC M. Bonamy Daniel 86:Physical aspects of fracture in high entropy alloys Y
Bard Matthieu LPS Orsay Mme Bouchiat Hélène 139:Quantum orbital Magnetism and Topology Y
Barèche Mellinda PCC M. Farge Emmanuel 135:Comprehensive Identification of Tumor Growth Pressure Stimulated Tumorigenic Mechanosensitive Pathways to Generically Fight Against Tumor Progression Y
Barisic Lovro Anto MPQ M. Orso Giuliano 181:Theory of attractive fermions in quantum wires Y
Barre Etienne LPEM M. Roditchev Dimitri
M. Vlaic Sergio
101:Unconventional superconductivity in two-dimensional surface alloys with high spin-orbit interaction Y
Ben Moussa Adel IPHT Mme Serban Didina 199:Quantum integrability and long-range spin chains Y
Bermudez Guillaume LPENS M. Gissinger Christophe 124:Turbulence à l’interface de deux métaux liquides Y
Billoir Marianne IJCLab Mme Badoual Mathilde 114:Approches expérimentale et théorique de l’effet de l’irradiation sur des populations cellulaires Y
Bracci Testasecca Giacomo LPTMC M. Dupuis Nicolas
Mme Messio Laura
81:Realistic models of spin lattices: taking into account impurities Y
Brémont Julien LJP M. Voituriez Raphaël
M. Benichou Olivier
Brossollet Antonin LPENS M. Biroli Giulio 203:Machine Learning and Statistical Physics Y
Burban Nolan PCC M. Joanny Jean-François
M. Silberzan Pascal
176:Contact guidance and Collective cell motility Y
Caceres Ramirez Joan Joel SPEC M. Goffman Marcelo 123:Fermionic-bosonic qubits Y
Cam Sylvain MSC Mme Gazeau Florence
M. Di Meglio Jean-Marc
Mme Brun Amanda
149:Caractérisation de bioproductions de vésicules extracellulaires: purification du sécrétome cellulaire, analyses multimodales et mise au point de méthodes de chargement. Y
Chambaz Olivier LKB M. Indelicato Paul 232:Improved calculations of transition energies in antiprotonic and kaonic atoms Y
Chen Zhongwu LPENS M. Bachas Costas 128:Quantum Information and Geometry Y
Chochon Anais LKB M. Laurat Julien
M. Urvoy Alban
133:Waveguide-QED with cold neutral atoms Y
Courme Baptiste LKB M. Gigan Sylvain 182:Quantum imaging in scattering media Y
Craquelin Jules LPENS M. Delbecq Matthieu 66:Jackiw-Rebbi fractional fermions in a synthetic topological chain Y
Cunat Jules LPTHE M. Antoniadis Ignatios 23:Supersymmetric theories of fields and strings Y
Develay Valentin INSP Mme Chamarro Maria
M. Testelin Christophe
92:Photo-spintronics with perovskite materials Y
Dones Eve LUTH M. Gourgoulhon Éric
Mme Bernard Laura
162:Modelling strong field effects in gravitational waveforms from alternative theories of gravity Y
Figliolia François IL M. Ramaz François
Mme Bocoum Maïmouna
46:Imagerie acousto-optique temps réel de milieux diffusants par holographie « hors-axe » Y
Friedman Leah Pasteur-BDCS M. Gregor Thomas 89:Bridging scales in mammalian development: towards a physics of cellular specification Y
Frogé Ewen SPEC M. Ladieu François
M. Nardini Cesare
161:Controlling phase separation in active systems Y
Gaichies Théophile LPS Orsay Mme Rio Emmanuelle
Mme Salonen Anniina
159:Impact de la physico-chimie des solutions sur le nuage de bulles créé par un jet liquide Y
Gallard Louis MPQ M. Barraud Clément 143:Cavity enhanced charge transport in 2D materials Y
Gatuingt Laurène MPQ M. Gallais Yann 147:Shining light on Superconducting collective modes in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides Y
Géraud Korentin LPP M. Dufour Thierry 184:Interaction des ondes d’ionisation avec les liquides : étude fondamentale & application à la cancérologie Y
Gianardi Igor LPS Orsay M. MESZAROS Andrej
M. Simon Pascal
134:Theoretical study of quantum bound states in Dirac materials Y
Giardini Guilherme MSC M. Graner Francois 186:Continuity equation for collective cell migration Y
Gliott Elisabeth LKB M. Cherroret Nicolas
M. Delande Dominique
4:The route to thermalization in disordered Bose gases Y
Guéneau Mathis LPTHE M. Schehr Grégory 127:First-passage properties of active particles Y
Guercio Giorgio MPQ M. Leo Giuseppe
M. Borne Adrien
192:Mid-infrared upconversion imaging in smart nonlinear metasurfaces Y
Guerrero Killian LKB M. Bramati Alberto 137:Quantum simulation of black hole effects with fluids of light Y
Guillaume-Manca Alice LPEM Mme Fragola Alexandra 202:Optique adaptative en microscopie de fluorescence à deux photons pour l’imagerie fonctionnelle en neuroscience chez la souris Y
Hasbroucq Loup MSC M. Courrech Du Pont Sylvain 158:Motifs et dynamique de fonte Y
Hertzsch Benjamin IAP M. Peter Patrick 67:Internal clocks in quantum cosmology. Y
Kozlova Ekaterina MSC M. Bottani Samuel
M. Metens Stéphane
233:Modeling and characterization of electrical conduction in myelin damaged nerves Y
Krouna Syrine MPQ M. Alloyeau Damien
M. Nelayah Jaysen
178:Synthesis, structural and catalytic properties of high-entropy nano-alloys Y
Le Gal Youenn JEIP M. Schirò Marco 200:Measuring, Controlling and Monitoring Quantum Matter: From Single to Many Qubits Y
Le Lay Grégoire MSC M. Daerr Adrian 214:Dynamique non-linéaire de méandrage d’un filet liquide avec et sans tensio-actifs Y
Letouzé Coraline IMPMC M. Radtke Guillaume 121:Core-level spectroscopies by dynamical mean-field theories Y
Louis Quentin IL M. Fort Emmanuel
M. Fink Mathias
191:Wave sources in time-varying media Y
Maire Raphaël LPS Orsay M. Foffi Giuseppe
M. Smallenburg Frank
187:Self-assembly of crystals and quasicrystals in granular matter Y
Maliet Martin LJP M. Galas Jean-Christophe
M. Deforet Maxime
172:Bacterial Active Matter in Expanding Colonies Y
Marsigliesi Flavia PCC Mme Bonnet Isabelle 63:Comportements collectifs de cellules transformées Y
Martin Paul LKB M. Nez François
Mme Yzombard Pauline
57:Test of fundamental physics by laser spectroscopy at 194 nm of the hydrogen atom Y
Maslianitsyna Anastasiia IVISION Mme Emiliani Valentina
M. Ronzitti Emiliano
196:holographic vision restoration Y
Medeiros Adrià C2N M. Lanco Loïc 193:Operations quantiques avec un spin unique et des photons uniques Y
Menai Nabil MPQ M. Mora Christophe 222:Correlated topological superconductivity Y
Milam Michael Nally IPHT M. Minasian Ruben 206:New geometric structures from string theory Y
Mittal Nehal LKB M. Nascimbène Sylvain
M. Lopes Raphael
10:Topological states of matter with atomic Dysprosium Y
Moscatelli Jeanne MSC Mme Elias Florence 117:Hydrodynamics of micro-swimmers in confined and complex environments Y
Muppal Mukil MPQ Mme Bellec Amandine
M. Repain Vincent
118:Molecular spin-switch for bistable electronic devices Y
Nauleau Alexandre LJP M. Bormuth Volker 219:Optogenetic interrogation of metastable brain-states in larval zebrafish Y
Ninou Hugo LPENS M. Monasson Rémi 209:Control of maturating neural networks: theory and data-driven modelling Y
Pacco Alessandro LPTMS M. Rosso Alberto
Mme Ros Valentina
82:Exploring complex landscapes in high-dimension: from random manifolds to neural networks, passing through simple glassy models Y
Piekarski Clara LKB M. Glorieux Quentin 115:Isolant de Mott dans un fluide de lumiere Y
Porto Veronese Bernardo IPHT M. Pasquier Vincent 27:Modèles intégrables hors d’équilibre Y
Pouyez Mattys LULI Mme Riconda Caterina
M. Grech Mickaël
148:Signatures of strong-field QED in ultra-intense laser-plasma or beam interaction Y
Prajapati Ankul LKB M. Dotsenko Igor 235:Long-lived chains of circular Rydberg atoms for a quantum simulator Y
Pugliese Léo SPEC M. Roulleau Preden
M. Parmentier François
98:The graphene Mach-Zehnder interferometer in the fractional quantum Hall regime Y
Rambert Camille PMMH M. Claudin Philippe 140:Formation et dynamique des dunes nebkhas Y
Ramos Camilo IJCLab Mme Abi Haidar Darine 105:Développement d’une sonde d’imagerie endomicroscopique portatif destinée à l’assitance chirurgicale des tumeurs cérébrales Y
Rico Léonardo LCPMR M. Taïeb Richard
M. Lévêque Camille
218:Dynamiques électroniques à l’échelle attoseconde étudiée par absorption transitoire. Y
Riva Angela INSP M. Chin Alex 50:Tensor-Network and Advanced Data Structure methods for the simulation of Open Quantum Dynamics in Energy Harvesting Materials and Machines Y
Rossetti Sylvio IL M. De Wilde Yannick 125:Electroluminescence du graphène et nano-antennes plasmoniques reconfigurables. Y
Semeikin Mikhail LPENS M. Wiese Kay 230:Depinning, conformal invariance, and the bootstrap Y
Sesma Pablo IPHT M. Vernizzi Filippo
M. D’Agnolo Raffaele Tito
19:The Higgs Boson Mass and Cosmology Y
Shinde Rushikesh MSC M. Callan-Jones Andrew
M. Voituriez Raphaël
48:Flow localization on active nematic surfaces Y
Su Emilie MSC M. Manneville Jean-Baptiste
Mme Villard Catherine
198:Role of mitochondria in the interplay between mechanics and metabolism in cancer cells Y
Toquer Damien LPENS M. Bocquet Lydéric 72:Etude théorique du transport ionique dans les systèmes bidimensionnels : vers les memristors nanofluidiques et systèmes neuronaux artificiels Y
Tsovianov Stanislav JEIP M. Ourjoumtsev Alexei 170:Quantum engineering of light with an intracavity Rydberg superatom Y
Varlet Anthony MSC M. Limat Laurent
M. Roché Matthieu
112:Lignes de contact en reculée sur des substrats mous: dynamique et singularité Y
Vasilaki Christiana LPTHE Mme Petraki Kalliopi 51:Non-perturbative effects in dark matter and baryogenesis Y
Wetzstein Tom LPTHE M. Bellon Marc
M. Baulieu Laurent
226:Nouvelles paramétrisations en théorie de la gravité Résurgence en théorie quantique des champs Y
Wolff Lasse LPENS M. Policastro Giuseppe 116:Topics in the holographic correspondence Y
Yixuan Zhang SPPIN M. Guillon Marc
Mme Mangenot Stéphanie
M. Guillon Marc
108:Quantitative phase and polarization imaging Y
Zeghum Bilal MSC M. Buhler Eric 42:Etude par diffusion hétérodyne de la lumière de la dynamique de nanostructures propulsées par des moteurs moléculaires Y
Zhang Dongxin UMPhy M. Bibes Manuel 220:Nanoscale control over oxygen vacancy distribution in transition metal oxides: a tool for finetuning functional properties Y
Zhang Aifei SPEC M. Roche Patrice
M. Parmentier François
99:Quantum thermal transport in Moire systems Y

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Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Name Lab Advisor(s) Subject
Alalawi Shabeeb IPHT M. Minasian Ruben 206:New geometric structures from string theory
Aragon Antoine LPENS Mme Walczak Aleksandra
M. Mora Thierry
70:Probabilistic methods for identifying signatures of selection on evolutionary trees: from data to theory and back
Bagès Camille IJM M. Jegou Antoine
M. Wioland Hugo
153:Mechanical regulation of tropomyosin-actin interactions
Ben Aissa Ahmed IL M. Popoff Sebastien
Mme Grieve Kate
43:Learning-based processing of full field optical coherence tomography images
Berry Marion LPS Orsay M. Boulogne François
Mme Salonen Anniina
26:Freezing of drops impacting a liquid
Bouteiller Thomas LPEM M. Behnia Kamran
M. Fauqué Benoît
132:The Nernst response and the transport entropy of mobile superconducting vortices
Briaud Vadim LPENS M. Vennin Vincent 183:Quantum and stochastic properties of primordial cosmological fluctuations
Bugaud Lucas LPS Orsay Mme Gueron Sophie
M. Ferrier Meydi
171:Mesures haute-fréquence de jonctions Josephson topologiques
Caelen Martin LPENS M. Fauve Stephan
M. Pétrélis François
91:Effets des fluctuations sur les instabilités convectives
Castiel Emmanuel LMCE M. Amadon Bernard 152:Calcul quantique des transitions de phases du Fer : influence du magnétisme et des corrélations électroniques.
Celaj Sergei INSP Mme Maître Agnès 217:Lasing and evanescent modes in view of biosensing applications
Chaix Ludivine PCC M. Martin Pascal 190:Self-organized flagellar-like beating of actin-filament bundles in vitro
Chauveau Marion CIRB M. Rivoire Olivier 88:Modèles génératifs d'organisation des génomes
Clement Gatien IL Mme Prada Claire
M. Aubry Alexandre
239:Détection de zones micro-texturées (MTR) dans les alliages de titane par analyse de la matrice de réflexion ultrasonore
Coral Maelie IL M. De Wilde Yannick 35:Two-dimensional Surface-Phonon Polariton Heat Transfer
Creutzer Gautier LKB M. Brune Michel
M. Sayrin Clément
18:Quantum simulation with circular Rydberg atoms in optical tweezers
De Ro Nicolas IJCLab Mme Marrache Claire
M. Sengupta Shamashis
7:Thermal and magnetotransport properties across a 2D superconductor insulator transition
De Ro Nicolas LKB M. Cherroret Nicolas
M. Delande Dominique
4:The route to thermalization in disordered Bose gases
De Ro Nicolas IPHT Mme Bena Cristina 8:Obtaining topological edge states, surface states and other boundary modes from the metamorphosis of impurity-induced states: exact solutions via T-matrix
Emery Emile SPEC M. Aumaitre Sébastien
M. Bercegol Hervé
84:Physique statistique des réseaux et circuits matières dans les scénarios de transition
Garcia Lorenzana Giulia LPENS M. Biroli Giulio
Mme Altieri Ada
122:Disordered statistical physics models to shed light on biodiversity
Gomes Baptista Joel SYRTE M. Pereira Franck
M. Merlet Sébastien
36:Ultra High Sensitivity Quantum Gravity Gradiometer
Guzman Brambila Julio Cesar LPS Orsay M. Marsi Marino 94:Quantum confinement and out-of-equilibrium electron dynamics
Hue Benjamin LPENS M. Kontos Takis
M. Delbecq Matthieu
173:Mesoscopic quantum electrodynamics with spins in carbon nanotubes
Iglesis Élodie MPQ M. Gallais Yann
Mme Houver Sarah
65:Carrier and structural dynamics in Dirac and Weyl topological semimetals
Iung Tom SPEC M. Barrett Nicholas 79:Caractérisation du champ interne dans les matériaux ferroélectriques, application aux transistors de type FeFET
Javed Umair C2N M. Aubin Hervé
M. Aprili Marco
25:Triplet Cooper pairs in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor structures
Karnaukhov Vadim LPENS Mme Walczak Aleksandra 107:Statistical analysis of MAIT cells
Krieguer Thomas LPENS M. Todorov Yanko 142:Theory of Quantum Detectors in the Ultra-Strong Light-Matter Coupling Regime
Le Dé Brieuc INSP M. Chin Alex 113:Theory of Photoinduced Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in ‘Nanozymes’ and Polaritonic Optical Cavities
Lehoucq Léonard IAP M. Pitrou Cyril 61:Compact binaries and their host galaxies
Loucif Sara LPS Orsay Mme Quay Charis
M. Aprili Marco
223:Towards a direct probe of triplet superconductivity via spin resonance
Messlmani Nour LKB M. Indelicato Paul 232:Improved calculations of transition energies in antiprotonic and kaonic atoms
Pangburn Emile IPHT Mme Bena Cristina
Mme Pépin Catherine
16:Superconductivity and topology in rhombohedral graphite
Pangburn Emile IPHT Mme Bena Cristina 8:Obtaining topological edge states, surface states and other boundary modes from the metamorphosis of impurity-induced states: exact solutions via T-matrix
Paveyranne Amaury LJP M. Nizak Clément 119:Statistical Design of Serine Protease Substrate Specificity
Rary-Zinque Alexis LPS Orsay M. Aprili Marco
Mme Palacio-Morales Alexandra
106:Dynamics and correlations of magnetic impurities on a superconductor
Rescanieres Romain IL M. Goetschy Arthur
M. Pierrat Romain
146:Molding the flow of light in complex resonant systems
Ricard Aurélien LPS Orsay M. Raspaud Eric 69:Biocorrosion des nanofilms de fer
Saighi Paul LPS Orsay M. Rozenberg Marcelo 54:Unsupervised learning in spiking neural networks
Sebe Nicolas UMPhy M. Jaffres Henri
M. Cros Vincent
240:Investigation and enhancement of spin-orbit torque for magnetic commutation of mRAM elements.
Sop Leonnel C2N M. Aubin Hervé
M. Aprili Marco
25:Triplet Cooper pairs in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor structures
Sop Leonnel C2N M. Aubin Hervé
M. Aprili Marco
25:Triplet Cooper pairs in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor structures
Stamerra Leonardo LPENS M. Baudin Emmanuel 17:Exploring the strongly out-of-equilibrium electron phases of graphene
Stebens Luc LPENS M. Azeredo da Silveira Rava 22:Computation and Coding in Neural and Cognitive Systems
Touzo Léo LPENS M. Le Doussal Pierre
M. Schehr Grégory
136:Dynamique hors d’equilibre de particules en interaction: de la matiere active aux matrices aleatoires
Travesedo Jaime SPEC M. Bertet Patrice
M. Flurin Emmanuel
111:Detection of a single Erbium ions by a superconducting-qubit-based single-microwave-photon counter
Vaz Michael SPEC M. Bercegol Hervé 78:Near and Far Field Interaction Between Moving Atoms Mediated by the Electromagnetic Vacuum
Warburton Max LLB Mme Noirez Laurence 29:Thermoélasticité & liquides confinés
Zylberman Julien LERMA M. Debbasch Fabrice 75:Simulation quantique et dynamique des plasmas