First administrative enrollment at SU

The general procedure is described on the website of IFD but the principal modalities are detailed on this page.


For employments contracts with SU,  see BROKEN LINK.


For PhD with international joint supervision, students and advisors must before or in parallel follow the corresponding procedure as described on the Joint PhD page of IFD and namely fill this preliminary document.


 Reminder: Administrative enrollment is only possible when:


Enrollment comprises 5 steps:

  1. Online pre-registration" on the website "e-SCOL@RITÉ, via the web site of IFD.
    For former UPMC or SU students, you will need your file number and password.

    When the form has been filled out you will print a PDF document containing:
    On this page of e-SCOL@RITÉ you will also find a link to the "convention de formation doctorale" that you must complete online and print in 2 copies.

    You must sign and get the signature from your laboratory head and your thesis advisor on all these documents: "autorisation d’inscription", "charte du doctorat", "charte nationale de déontologie" and "convention de formation doctorale" (in 2 original copies except for the "autorisation d’inscription").
  2. Appointment with the deputy-director
    By using this link, you will book an appointment, from September 15th 2018, with the ED's deputy-director for SU, for a first discussion on the course of the thesis and for signing the documents of step 1.

    Please notice that among the documents listed on the confirmation e-mail for step 1, most of them were already provided with your application on the ED's website. Only these two documents will be requested:
    • The final transcript of your master diploma or equivalent.
    • If you are not employed by SU, your employment contract or if not a proof of funding signed by your employer (and not by the thesis or laboratory director).
  3. Confirmation and documents to provide
    Shortly after this appointment, you will receive an automatic email from SU stating that your application has been accepted. He will invite you to log in again on the e-SCOL@RITÉ website, where you will have to fill some administrative information, mostly related to "sécurité sociale"

    Attention: Be sure to follow the instructions given during the appointment at the ED. You will also find explanations on how to fill this form on the website of IFD (French only).

    This step ends with the printing of a PDF document ("récapitulatif d’inscription administrative") which summarizes the list of documents to be supplied to the "Bureau d'accueil des doctorants".
  4. Postal mailing to the BAD
    Once you have completed the above formalities, you can send by regular mail your application file to:
    Bureau d’accueil des doctorants - Institut de Formation Doctorale – SU
    15 rue de l’école de médecine - Escalier G - 2ème étage - Boîte courrier 2430 -75006 Paris.
    If you think that your situation requires a personalized interview, please book and appointment with the BAD.
  5. Payment of registration fees
    After review of your file, you will receive an e-mail stating the amout of registration fees for acedemic year 2018-2019.
    You must then login again on the e-SCOL@RITÉ website in order to pay online (section "paiement des droits").
    Your student card and school certificates will be sent to you by mail at the adress figen at the online pre-registration.