General dispositions

European regulations on the protection of personal data (GDPR), came into force on May 25th, 2018, and can also be fund on the website of CNIL.  In application of this law, we inform you below of the conditions of collection, storage and processing of your personal data.

you are hereby informed that:

The different purposes of the processing carried out are as follows:

  1. Selection of students admitted to prepare a thesis within the ED PIF;
  2. Monitoring of registrations, work contracts, progress of the thesis, and defenses;
  3. Monitoring the career development of graduates;
  4. Preparation of doctoral contracts;
  5. Statistical studies on the doctorate and doctoral careers, and evaluation of doctoral schools.

Special conditions relating to the data of the different categories of users:

Applicants for registration (purpose 1)

Doctoral students and alumni of ED (purposes 2 and 3)

Each doctoral student and doctor of ED has a “personal space” whose access is protected by a login and a password.

The data provided by the doctoral students and the doctors of the ED are communicated, as needed, only to the following persons:

In addition, doctoral students in charge of the organization of the scientific days scientific days have an exhaustive list of doctoral students in the course of their thesis, including the email addresses of their fellow students.

Finally, the doctoral training departments of some institutions delegate to an external organization (as a subcontractor). survey operations among doctors, for which the ED may be asked to provide e-mail addresses (purposes 3 and 5).

Doctoral students under doctoral contract with Sorbonne Université (purpose 4)

At Sorbonne Université, the processing of data necessary for the elaboration of doctoral contracts is delegated to the ED. Therefore, the doctoral students concerned are invited to provide, in the "Infos administratives" section of their personal space, the necessary data or documents, intended to the establishment of their contract (GDPR, Chapter II, article 9, § 2.b).

These data are transmitted securely to the DRH of the university and then erased, within a period of 2 to 3 months.

Thesis supervisors and co-supervisors ( purposes 1 to 5)

We process the data relating to the affiliation and professional status of thesis supervisors, as they appear to their personal file, which are necessary for the procedures of recruitment and of monitoring of doctoral students and alumni's careers.

Changing Your Consent

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