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mais peuvent être postées ici. 
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Funded ANR PhD thesis: Probing lipid/protein interactions by High-Pressure NMR

par Ewen Lescop
9 1 08/06/23 10:51
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PhD position in Singapore on the resource cost of quantum computing

par Frédéric Chevy
20 1 07/06/23 03:23
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Funded PhD thesis: Microscopic energy dissipation mechanisms in composite materials

par Stefano Aime
22 1 05/06/23 15:44
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Funded PhD thesis : Ionic Nano-Rheology at Solid/Electrolyte Interfaces

106 1 23/05/23 10:21
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Physics-informed statistical modeling of earthquakes

par pierre.dublanchet
80 1 22/05/23 22:43
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Proposition sujet de thèse: Gaz ultra-froids hors équilibre à une dimension

par vignolo
122 1 15/05/23 16:40
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Building original biophysical tools to evaluate the combined effects of pollutants and viruses on model lung tissues

123 1 15/05/23 12:32
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Micro-swimmer dynamics in self-organized phases of helical biopolymers

par Eric Grelet
98 1 12/05/23 17:19
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Filamentous viruses as chiral building blocks for hierarchical helical self-assembly

par Eric Grelet
86 1 12/05/23 17:17
Dernier message par Eric Grelet

Light powered vs. fuel activated micro-swimmers: toward efficient self-propelled nanoparticles for drug delivery

par Eric Grelet
82 1 12/05/23 17:14
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Modélisation mathématique des dynamiques sociales: offre thèse financée projet CNRS 80PRIME

par Hernandez
136 1 06/05/23 13:18
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funded :Quantum state engineering in laser-cooled ion cloud to study diffusion in a non-neutral plasma

par Caroline Champenois
122 1 04/05/23 12:05
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PhD Thesis: Observation and parameterization of oceanic convection -- Grenoble

par bderembl
111 1 27/04/23 15:51
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FUNDED: PhD position on quantum many-body physics in one dimension

par Petkovic
340 1 21/04/23 13:25
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Thèse CIFRE financée : Mécanique de fibres enchevêtrées - Mechanics of aggregates of fibers

par Jop
133 1 18/04/23 18:23
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PhD position at University of Lille

par rchicireanu
160 1 18/04/23 12:22
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PhD position @University of Lille : Experimental quantum simulations of non-equilibrium systems with ultracold atoms

par rchicireanu
134 1 18/04/23 12:14
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Funded PhD in Paris, Soft Matter & Soil Physics with Environmental Applications

par sophiemarbach
165 1 11/04/23 16:32
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Development of a coherent and monochromatic source at Terahertz frequencies for astronomy and astrophysics.

par Jtreuttel
197 1 05/04/23 11:38
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Fully Funded PhD on capillarity and particle interaction in armoured soap films

par Anais_Gauthier
194 1 27/03/23 18:21
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Fully funded PhD [ERC] Exploring Proteins Structure with THz Nanospectroscpy

174 1 24/03/23 16:13
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Exploration of metabolic reaction networks of carbon fixation

par Jeremie Unterberger
170 1 21/03/23 16:27
Dernier message par Jeremie Unterberger

PhD in Quantum photonics with novel nanomaterials

par Alexey TIRANOV
228 1 15/03/23 23:23
Dernier message par Alexey TIRANOV

PhD on the modelling of silicon and germanium spin qubits

par ymniquet
194 1 14/03/23 23:16
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Hybrid Materials for Quantum Sensors

par Philippe Goldner
207 1 13/02/23 15:07
Dernier message par Philippe Goldner

Turbulent Drag and Drag Reduction

par kellay
219 1 09/02/23 17:08
Dernier message par kellay

activity controlled matter

par kellay
219 1 09/02/23 17:06
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PhD offer on microplastics transport in ocean turbulence

par stefanoberti
238 1 08/02/23 10:02
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PhD proposal 2023: Study of the monitoring and control by laser-carried ultrasound waves of laser additive manufacturing of metallic materials

par Jérôme LAURENT
271 1 24/01/23 10:25
Dernier message par Jérôme LAURENT

Stage M2+these : Dynamic X-ray phase contrast imaging of aeronautical structures for lightning damage analysis

par amelie jarnac
327 1 21/12/22 19:58
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