PhD in condensed matter theory, Toulouse, funded, October 2019

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PhD in condensed matter theory, Toulouse, funded, October 2019
mardi 28 mai 2019 15:35:20
This is an advertisement for a funded PhD thesis condensed matter theory. The PhD topic deals with the theoretical study of strongly correlated quantum systems, in the presence of constraints between constituting elements.

Constraints arise in the physical description of a wide variety of systems, ranging from gauge theories, glass physics, quantum magnets, atomic physics (such as with Rydberg blockade). They result in exciting new phenomena, such as the appearance of magnetic monopoles in spin ice, glassy behavior without disorder, spin liquids (systems that do not order even at zero temperature) or anomalous thermalization behavior. Local constraints can be intrinsic to the physical systems, or can emerge at low-energy as a consequence of interactions between particles. More recently, it has been possible to synthetically impose certain constraints in quantum simulators. Theoretically these constraints are modelled using adapted degrees of freedom, such as hard core dimers, loops or ice models.

Both equilibrium and non-equilibrium aspects of such theoretical models will be considered. Applications are located in the fields of quantum magnetism (spin liquid, topological phases), thermalization and many-body localization. In the course of the PhD, the student will develop and use adapted innovative numerical techniques such as advanced exact diagonalization, quantum Monte Carlo, tensor-networks or artificial neural networks algorithms.

The 3-years position in funded through a collaboration between CNRS, France and IISER Pune, India.
Collaboration with G. J. Sreejith at IISER Pune is intended, with funds allocated to yearly visits to IISER for the PhD student.

The PhD student will be integrated within the condensed matter theory group of Toulouse (with 9 permanent researchers, and an equivalent number of PhD students and postdocs), which is itself located in the Laboratoire de Physique Théorique (with 24 permanent researchers).

Candidates are expected to have an excellent background in quantum mechanics and statistical physics. An interest/expertise in numerical simulations will be appreciated.
A M.Sc. (or equivalent) is required at the starting date.

The position if for 3 years with a gross salary of 2135 Euros / month (approx 1700 Euros net / month). No teaching duties are involved.
The starting date is 1st of October 2019.

Interested candidates can send an application to Fabien Alet ( ), including a CV including academic marks, a brief statement of interest, and the name and contact of at least two referees.

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