Mechanisms of actin-driven membrane reshaping and fission (M2 internship -> fully-funded PhD, Institute Curie, Paris)

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Mechanisms of actin-driven membrane reshaping and fission
M2 internship -> fully-funded PhD

Membrane reshaping and fission are essential for generating transport carriers at the plasma membrane and on membrane-bound organelles in cells. Dysfunction of carrier biogenesis results in embryonic lethality and numerous human diseases. Generation of transport carriers mechanistically begins with deforming a flat donor membrane into a thin tubule or a vesicular bud; then membrane fission occurs to separate the nascent carrier from the donor membrane. Notably, the actin cytoskeleton has been identified as one of the key machineries involved in membrane reshaping and fission at the plasma membrane and on many organelles. However, despite its presence, how actin operates membrane reshaping and fission is largely unknown.

This project aims to reveal molecular and physical mechanisms underlying actin-driven membrane reshaping and fission. We will establish novel in vitro reconstitution systems (composed of purified proteins and model membranes), super-resolution microscopy and optical tweezers to decipher how actin organization couples to membrane shape and exert force for membrane reshaping and eventually fission.

Key words: actin, endocytosis, membrane reshaping, membrane fission, biomimetic systems, super resolution microscopy, optical tweezers, microfluidics

We are looking for a Master internship, which could lead to a Ph.D. thesis (fully funded).
Candidates with a background in soft matter physics or biophysics, and are interested in interdisciplinary research are encouraged to apply.

Laboratory: Physico-Chimie Curie, institut Curie, Paris, France
P. Bassereau team (,
Contact: Feng-Ching TSAI (, []

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