Fully Funded Stage + PhD in CY Cergy Paris University: Exotic non-equilibrium and transport dynamics in low-dimensional quantum systems

Envoyé par Jacopo De Nardis 
A stage de recherche (4 months) and a PhD position fully funded by the ERC starting grant "HEPIQ", Hydrodynamics and entropy production in low-dimensional quantum systems, are available starting from April 2022 at the LPTM, CY Cergy Paris University. [www.cyu.fr]

The ERC project is focused on understanding non-equilibrium phases of quantum matter with the aid of hydrodynamics and tensor network techniques. It fits into a large network of international collaborations encompassing the fields of non-equilibrium dynamics, chaotic vs. integrable dynamics, quantum entanglement and tensor networks, transport in strongly correlated systems.

Candidates for the PhD position should hold (or being in their last year) a master in theoretical or experimental physics, preferably focused on statistical and/or quantum condensed matter physics. They should have some background in analytical and numerical techniques and the ability of working in a large research group.

To apply, please send a detailed resume to the scientific coordinators of the project, Dr. Jacopo De Nardis jacopo.de-nardis@cyu.fr.

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