Correlations and topology in quantum many-body systems / Stockholm

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Correlations and topology in quantum many-body systems / Stockholm
samedi 4 avril 2020 20:07:02
PhD position on Correlations and topology in quantum many-body systems

Johan Carlström
Stockholm University

The condensed matter and quantum optics division at Stockholm University invites applicants for a Ph.D. position in theoretical physics, with the focus on correlation effects and topology in quantum many-body systems. The main tasks for the student will include the development and employment of both analytical and numerical approaches to characterize novel types of matter that arise due to the interplay of topology and many-body effects.

New analytical techniques and computational protocols are currently transforming our ability to analyze and understand quantum many-body systems. At Stockholm University, we are developing new simulation techniques that allow high-precision treatment of quantum field theories in regimes that have previously been regarded as inaccessible. Combined with analytical methods, this work is currently opening a path for a new exploration of interacting quantum matter. In this Ph.D. project, the aim is to probe many-body effects and topological aspects of these new phases.

Condensed matter theory is a strong area of research at the Department of Physics, particularly with an emphasis on topological systems and strongly correlated phases of matter. The proximity to both KTH and Nordita means that the student will become part of an extensive scientific environment.

We seek a creative and self-motivated candidate. Knowledge of band-theory and many-body physics will be considered meritorious when appointing this position. Some experience of numerics and programming is also desirable.

Note that the Department of Physics as a whole also announces two positions within any fields of Experimental or Theoretical Physics. Be sure to also apply to those, if you are interested.

Closing date: 23 April 2020