Postdoc position at Pitaevskii BEC Center in Trento
dimanche 14 janvier 2024 09:11:44
Pitaevskii BEC Center in Trento is looking for potential candidates for a forthcoming postdoc position on the theory of nonequilibrium dynamics in open quantum systems.
The research will focus on understanding the role of dissipation, decoherence and measurements in cold atomic gasses and synthetic quantum matter, bridging concepts and methods from quantum information theory and condensed matter physics. The project will focus both on the fundamental aspects of open many-body dynamics and on the development of noise-resilient strategies for the coherent manipulation of quantum information in such platforms.
The research project will be carried out in collaboration with R. Fazio (ICTP, Trieste) and P. Silvi (University of Padova).

The position is meant to start in early 2024 and in any case not later that July 2024.

If you are aware of any possible motivated candidates, please, forward the present email to them.
For further information please contact me via email :