Post doc position at ENS and Université de Paris

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Post doc position at ENS and Université de Paris
mardi 16 mars 2021 16:22:21
Flippable Liposomes


The Chemistry laboratory (PASTEUR) of the ENS in collaboration with the MSC laboratory (medical antenna MSCmed) offers a post-doctoral research contract for a period of two years.
The goal of the project is to design and characterize a proteo-liposome that could be thermally switch to inverse the curvature. These liposomes and proteins of interest are prepared by a third partner of the project (IBPC, Paris) by bacterial engineering.
The successful candidate will have to prepare giant unilamellar vesicles, and implement micropipette experiments and nanotube pulling to assess the curvature preference of the proteo-liposome as a function of the temperature.
The recruited candidate would have to work in collaboration between the two lab (located in the same Paris center area).

Candidate Requirements:
The candidate should be highly-motivated, with a PhD in Biochemistry or Biophysic. Competences in colloid science and/or soft matter, biophysics, biochemistry are welcome. Background in light microscopy is appreciated but not compulsory. The candidate must be creative, have good communication skills in English, and demonstrate capacity to work in an interdisciplinary environment.
Starting position: The fellowship will start as soon as the post is filled.

How to apply:
Applicants should send their CV, a cover letter and at least one reference to Christophe Tribet ( ) and Stéphanie Mangenot (