Envoyé par Frédéric Chevy 
dimanche 14 mars 2021 11:02:21
The Quantum Physics group directed by Prof. Luigi Amico at the Quantum Research Center (QRC), Technology Innovation Institute (TII) recently established in Abu Dhabi, is seeking well-qualified, highly motivated, and dynamic young scientists at post-doc level in the area of theoretical analysis of superconducting circuits.

TII is a newly-established top-level state institute aiming at becoming a major international hub for Science & Technology (see []). The QRC at TII is launching world-class theoretical and experimental research groups on different quantum technologies (see []).

The research project may be conducted in collaboration with Dr. Gianluigi Catelani (JARA Institute for Quantum Information, Juelich Research Center, Germany).

Skills in both analytical and numerical techniques to handle circuit Hamiltonians in different operating conditions (static, dynamics, dissipation) as well as experience in quantum transport, superconductivity, and related topics will be appreciated.

Although the planned activity is theoretical, close contact with experiments will be sought.

The positions are funded for three/four years and can start at any time in 2020/2021. The initial appointment is for two years, followed by a one/two years extension upon mutual agreement. The salaries are very competitive, well above the average in EU or USA; travel funds, further personal allowance and family benefits are provided by TII. There is no deadline for application. Applications will be reviewed as they are received, so we encourage to apply as soon as possible.

Candidates should provide a curriculum vitae, a brief letter of motivation, a summary of their research experience, and a list of publications. Two reference letters should be arranged to be sent directly to