Administrative enrollment procedure for PSL



Enrollment in the first year

Once your enrollment in the EDPIF is accepted, i.e., that:

you must start the administrative phase of enrollment on Adum.

The steps of the first enrollment are detailed on the First Enrollment page.


Re-enrollment in the 2nd and 3rd years

Re-enrollment in the 2nd and 3rd years is strictly required and must occur before the end of December.

The procedure for re-enrollment is detailed on the Re-enrollment page.


Re-enrollment in the 4th year

The length of the thesis is 3 years and the academic year ends on September 30. It is sometimes necessary to obtain permission to re-enroll in the 4th year, typically because the thesis writing or defense are delayed. In this case, and regardless of the length of the extension required, the student must complete an application for an exemption. If the thesis is defended before the end of the calendar year, it is not necessary to pay a registration fee.


The acceptance of this extension request is strictly conditional upon the implementation by the laboratory of a new employment contract, using its own resources, to extend compensation to the doctoral student for the remainder of the study [the only possible exceptions are: the thesis written and submitted to the reporters with defense scheduled in October; and (ii) the PhD student signed a contract with a third-party company or institution.


The procedure to re-enroll for the 4th year is detailed on the Re-enrollment page.